Caries and tooth decay from harmful foods

Caries and tooth decay from harmful foods and beverages. Canned fruits. Fruits have a high content of natural sugars, but when they are preserved, they already swim in a dense sugar syrup that causes caries. Canned citrus fruits are particularly harmful to teeth, as they are acidic. If you can not buy fresh fruit instead of preserved fruit, choose frozen, which have been stored in natural natural juices without added sugar;

Red wine

Is there a correlation between acute and chronic red wine intake and health?

If you’ve ever spilled a glass of red wine on your clothes, you know how easily horrible stains are getting. So just think about what makes red wine with your teeth. This is because the red wine contains tannins that are guilty of intensely colored compounds to stick to our teeth permanently;

White wine

What Is a Dry White Wine? | Driest White Wines for 2024 | Cozymeal

You think white wine is more gentle to the red teeth. White wine is as bad as red, if not more. The president of the American Dental Aesthetic Society explains: acidity in wine makes teeth more prone to stains, and white wine is usually more acidic. This acid can make teeth vulnerable to stains when taking dark colored food;

Sauce for pasta

Pink Sauce Pasta – Skinny Spatula

Because of its acidity, its bright red color and the tendency to stick to the teeth, tomato sauce from pasta can make your teeth vulnerable to stains, Colgate warns. The high amount of sugar added to many of the factory-processed sauces can weaken the enamel. To reduce the risk, make your own sugar-free sauce or dilute the products purchased from the store with water;

Corn cob

Steamed Corn on the Cob Recipe

This is a gastronomic classic, but before biting the corn as straight out of the cob, you should know that you can say goodbye to some other tooth if it is even slightly shaken. And make sure you have a toothpick on hand to get rid of any pieces left between your teeth as they could hold food or bacteria;

Dietary carbonated beverage

Diet soda is doing these 7 awful things to your body

Do you think that replacing your favorite carbonated beverage with a dietary version will reduce the damage to your teeth? Think again. Most carbonated beverages contain acid that can disturb the tooth enamel – even dietary. To reduce access to teeth and limit damage, drink through a straw;

Fruit shakes (troubled)

Are Smoothies Healthy? Benefits and Downsides

If you want to get in shape for five days, it may seem like the ideal solution. But even those without added ingredients contain a very high amount of sugar. The fruit is naturally sweet, but when broken into a blender, more sugar is released from its fibrous structure.

Dentists advise not to take a larger amount of fruity discomfort than 150 ml a day; Apple vinegar. Increasingly popular as a detoxifying healthy tonic, apple vinegar is recommended to relieve health problems associated with diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. Its constant use poses a risk of serious damage to tooth enamel. To reduce the potential harm before drinking, dilute it with some water;

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