Raspberry destroy cancer

Raspberries destroy cancer and useful properties of not only include the beneficial effects of fruit. Raspberry leaves have no less useful attributes if you know how to use them. Turning to folk medicine, it must be said that raspberry leaf are among the most popular and widely used herbs.

They are used to make healing potions, tinctures, and even ointments. Today we look at some of these recipes to be applied often. Raspberry leaves help reduce the temperature affections. For this purpose, use two tablespoons of mixture of dried twigs and raspberry leaves.

Pour hot water and let stand for several hours in a closed thermos. The beverage should be administered to the patient every three hours. In fact, limits on the amounts of this drink will. It has a positive effect on the treatment of colds and viral diseases. This is useful in the treatment of colitis, skin rash or cough.

Miraculous power of raspberry leaves

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In each of these cases it is necessary to take into ’15 raspberry leaf, pre-dried and then to overflow into a cup of hot water and allowed to cool. It takes no more than half an hour. Drink three times a day. A decoction is useful in trouble with gastritis and enteritis.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the infusion of raspberry leaves act against diseases of the bronchi and lungs. A decoction of raspberry leaf helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Place compresses on the affected area. Eating raspberries helps to destroy cancer cells proved his last research scientists from the American University Klemsan in the state of South Carolina.

Attempts by specialists are conducted on monkeys and mice. Animals were given them for two weeks extracted essence of raspberry. Initial studies then showed that nearly 90 percent of cancer cells in tumors were already inactive. According to experts, this effect is due to the familiar attributable to the antioxidant properties of raspberries.

Researchers from USC are of the opinion that the red fruit contains special anti-cancer component fixed and kills cancer cells spread in the body. The first results of the study wowed authors. They are adamant that other antioxidant agent capable of destroying 90 percent of cancer cells is not yet known to human science. Scientists believe obvious that the cancer is eradicated from a certain combination of substances contained in Mali.

Older studies acknowledged the influence of certain types of raspberries on cancer cells. It was believed that black raspberry has the greatest anti-cancer effect. American researchers have shown, however, that this is not so. By tumor handle any variety raspberry. Along with its properties to combat cancer, Mali has many beneficial qualities. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C.

In the past, folk medicine to prescribe it as a means to combat male impotence. In Mali, there is a lot of magnesium, which is used for the production of testosterone. Mali has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and browning properties. Established and antibacterial and antipyretic effects of the herb. Leaves it even be used for colds, rheumatism, diarrhea. The fruit helps against haemoptysis, prolonged and severe menstruation, gastritis, enteritis, inflammation of the airways.


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