Quick rejuvenation with 10 years

If you want a quick rejuvenation with 10 years, this can be done with respect for a healthy diet with lean protein and whole grains that store muscle tone and prevent the accumulation of excess weight with age.

The adoption of rich antioxidant fruits and vegetables do you prevent wrinkles on the skin. Help yourself in the battle against time by following these ten tips:

– Eat more fish – it is a rich source of protein leptin. For its part it acts as a hormone controlling appetite. Oily fish such as salmon, for example, contain lots of omega-3 fatty acid. They just fight wrinkles on the skin.

– Reduce salt – and little children know that overdoing it is harmful. It causes water retention and bloating. With age, the body’s ability to throw excess fluid decreases. Note that the salt contained in many food stores, such as sausages, soups and bread.

Fast rejuvenation with 10 years

17 Ways to Look a Decade Younger - Written by An Aging Specialist

– Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants – fruits, vegetables and nuts contain highly rejuvenating chemicals.
– Secure your beneficial bacteria – transfer after 35 years, the beneficial bacteria in the body decrease significantly.

This increases the risk of delayed digestion and bloating. To avoid this, take a daily probiotic drink or yoghurt.
– Moisturize your body – with age the skin becomes dry and sebaceous glands secrete a small amount of natural moisturizers. The skin loses its elasticity. Eat products that contain beneficial natural oils – avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil. They will make your skin softer and firmer.

– Decline of biscuits – the accumulation of calories can be avoided by limiting the intake of biscuits and bread.
– Emphasizes whole grains – middle-aged people who ate white bread and other white carbohydrates are 3 times wider waistlines than people who eat whole grains.

– Be careful with snacks between meals – these treats contain lots of calories, which accumulate fat on the waist and hips. Such foods are ice cream, chips, chocolate sweets and fizzy drinks.

– Reduce alcohol – Limit alcohol intake to one glass of red wine with lunch meals during the weekend. Besides that alcohol has lots of calories, it dehydrates the skin.

– Do not miss meals – from this habit should quit after 20 years. Fasting in the 30s and 40s lead to a lasting slowdown in metabolism and weight problems.

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