Prunes in autumn menu

Be sure to include prunes in autumn menu ! Prunes  remain unjustly neglected at the expense of other fruits. However, they are extremely useful and must be included in the autumn menu. Besides incredible variety of flavors that different varieties of prunes wear, they also have a number of health benefits.

Here they are: Support vision
In prunes are found very high doses of vitamin A, which is one of the best eye and vision. In addition, it has zeaxanthin – one of the two carotenoids, which protect the retina from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Control blood sugar levels

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The prunes  are among the fruits with low glycemic index. The intake helps in controlling blood glucose levels, thereby reducing the risk of developing diabetes. Importantly prunes  to take in moderation as both fresh and dried are rich in sugars and carbohydrates.

Protect cells from damage

Antioxidants: Protecting Healthy Cells

Prunes are rich in antioxidants. They protect body cells from harm and are a kind of prevention against cancer.
Help heart health
Prunes are one of the richest in potassium fruits. It supports blood pressure rate, thereby reducing the risk of development of heart disease and stroke.

Increase metabolism

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Prunes accepted in any form, improve metabolism. Fiber in them helps in constipation.
Several plums per day may protect against lung cancer and cancer of the oral cavity due to the specific antioxidants in their composition.

And everything said so far, it is clear that there is no reason not to take advantage of the amazing health benefits of the merger.

To enjoy them longer, then put several packages plums in the freezer for the winter. Dried plums are also very useful for the organism.

They are struggling with bad cholesterol, improve the work of the stomach and intestines and has strong antibacterial properties.

They strengthen the immune system and give the body the necessary energy. Taking them cleanses the urinary tract, treats anemia and nourishes and rejuvenates skin cells.

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