Problems with healthy foods

dried fruit

Problems with healthy foods interesting information about healthy foods and the most common misconceptions of people who want to live healthy

Problems with healthy foods that we think are such, but sometimes misleading. Popular is the claim that we are what we eat. This is not just an expression, because it contains a great deal of truth, especially if you take into account the effect of food on our body and brain. Of course, depending on what they eat, this effect can be both useful and extremely harmful.

This explains why so many of our diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, depression and obesity have as much to do with what we eat and how we eat. Ultimately, our body is our temple and should be treated with respect and love. The problem is that today largely people do not know what is healthy. We are looking for alternative solutions, but often instead of healthy food, eat another harmful product. We present a few examples of this. There are several foods that are promoted as healthy but actually are not.

Iceberg salad

Do not be fooled, iceberg salad has a lot of water and is generally good for you. The truth is that compared to other green salads lacks nutritional value. It does not provide your body the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Brown rice

It is believed that brown rice is more useful than white. This is not true. In the brown contains a certain level of anti-nutritional substances such as phytates, which can hinder the absorption of minerals it contains.

healthy foods

Problems with healthy foods that we think are such, but sometimes misleading

True, muesli offers a number of fiber and iron, but what many of us do not know is that with these advantages it is very high in calories and fat that you do not need, and contains a lot of sugar.
Although bananas incorporating high levels of potassium useful, they are not healthy for individuals who need to maintain a low glycemic index you. In such cases it is recommended avocados, which has similar functions and does not harm anyone.
Dried fruit
If your choice is to eat candy or dried fruit, fruit is a healthier option. Know, however, that it is much healthier to eat fresh fruit instead of dried. They contain more nutrients and fiber, as their sugar level is lower.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter contains high amounts of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and protein. But it should be consumed in moderation because of it very quickly napalnyava.


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