Pear juice is good for our health

juice of pears is good for health

Eight reasons for the juice of pears is good for our health, how to prepare juice from real autumn pears so as to preserve their beneficial ingredients

In autumn pear juice is good for our health. And although the market has year-round to offer all varieties of pears, namely autumn is the season in which they are the most authentic and most delicious.

The benefits of this juicy fruit has already been said a lot, but if and pear juice as useful as themselves pears? Yes, if you know how to prepare it and it is true autumn pears.

Before I look at the many benefits of pear juice will show you how to prepare it. Naturally, it is best to have a pet pears.

If there is no where to obtain them, just watch they are Bulgarian and not imported from China or Argentina, for example.

Wash the fruit, remove the seminal part of them and cut them into slices of about 2 cm. Put them in a saucepan and sprinkle them with sugar, 1 kg of pears is applied about 300 g of sugar.

Leave them for 16 hours to stand at 20 degrees. Pour the recipient of juice and heat it to 85 degrees and immediately pour into suitable bottles to be sealed.

Keep them in a cool place and consume within two months.
And here is what is good for our health juice pears:

1. The juice of pears normalize heart rate and thus gives us new strength, especially after heavy exercise;

Pear juice is good

In autumn pear juice is good for our health

2. regularly consume pear juice, we will increase immunity and reduce the risk of inflammation;

3. Pear juice is very beneficial to the digestive system and is recommended to be consumed regularly in the diet;

4. Because of its unique composition juice pears regained our good mood and saves us from the autumn depression;

5. The juice of pears lowers bad cholesterol. Furthermore, there are proven antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic properties;

6. pear juice can be used as a secondary treatment of cystitis and kidney diseases;

7. Due contained in pear juice antitoxins, he was first assistant poisoning with mushrooms and more.

8. If you suffer from dizziness, immediately drink 1 cup pear juice and will quickly feel relief.


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