Pasta lovers are healthier

Pasta lovers are healthier  says Sophia Loren for their slender figure: Everything you see I owe to spaghetti. New research suggests that it is absolutely right – spaghetti can make you healthier. So lovers of pasta can be happy because now even science is on their side.

At the annual meeting of experts from the National Health Association nutritionists and food strategies of the Ministry of Health of the US report was presented, according to people who prefer pasta, are more likely to comply with healthier diets than those who do not like Italian specialty.

Right kind of pasta

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According to the survey people who eat pasta they are also more likely to eat less saturated fat and sugar. Also lovers of pasta have a good intake of essential vitamins and minerals such as folic acid and dietary fiber. The paste can be an effective building block of good nutrition as it serves as a good system for the supply of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish and legumes, says dietitian Diane Welland. She is also author of the research presented in the report.

Our analysis emphasizes the nutritional value of pasta as an important part of a healthy diet, she adds. Of course, as with any food – or just super healthy, and pasta should not overdo it, experts warn. Consumption of paste must not be more than four times per week. Experts recommend using traditional Italian recipes as they are largely extremely close to a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Lovers of pasta are healthier

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The report is not the first who claimed that pasta are associated with a healthy lifestyle. A study from 2016 showed that people who eat macaroni are more likely to have a lower body mass index of less circumference of the waist, waist and hips compared to people who do not love them, and prefer mainly bread and pasta. Besides all this, pasta contain fiber. Princes are whole again pastes.

Fiber promotes good digestion, heart health and blood vessels. In the paste contains no cholesterol and sodium levels are minimal. This makes it even more beneficial for the heart. Pattaya is a must on the menu of every person, as is an invaluable source of various nutrients. This includes and antioxidants, which can not be obtained from other foods that a person consumes. Here again is a condition – the paste that consume be whole grain.

We not only do not load and supply your body an abundance of nutrients. All these benefits of pasta quickly rehabilitate this until recently considered junk food. The same applies to another favorite „bad“ food – popcorn. Scientists are adamant that they are four times more polyphenols than any fruit. It is these compounds play an important role in the fight against cancer.

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