Nettle helps against hemorrhoids

Nettle helps against hemorrhoids and strengthens blood vessels. Since ancient times people have used the curative properties of nettle in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Dried and crushed leaves, stalks and nettle seed are used in recipes.

Various potions and nettle nettles are still used today and deal effectively with hemorrhoids at various stages – quickly eliminating and preventing bleeding, effectively fighting the inflammatory process.

Thanks to its composition, nettle is a real store of useful drug substances and trace elements.

Since ancient times people have been using nettles as an effective means of stopping any bleeding. The excellent properties of nettles successfully deal with many bowel diseases, purify the body and promote its healing. Internal and external hemorrhoids are successfully treated with nettle using a small enema and a sedentary bath.

Narcissus is not a panacea but can help fight the disease.

Its healing substances will purify the blood, restore the metabolic processes of the body, strengthen the blood vessels and support the work of many organs.

Dry and fresh nettle leaves are used for healing potions, but the stems and roots of the plant can also be useful in the treatment.

In folk recipes, potions and nettles are used to treat internal hemorrhoids. They need 2 tablespoons for their preparation of the plant and 200 ml of boiling water.

The curative decoction should be allowed to stand and then taken 2 to 3 times a day, it is desirable to drink before meals. Particularly useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures are the sedimentary baths with a decoction of nettles, a small enema and lotions.

Healing bath in nettles

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The seated bath with nettle decoction will help relieve pain, reduce hemorrhoid formation, cure the anus and break the inflammation. The procedure is best to be done at night before bedtime, here is the sequence:

Prepare a decoction of nettles, take 1/2 cup of the dry plant, pour 2 liters of water and place for 10 minutes on high heat;
Prepare the finished potion through the gauze and allow to cool for 15-20 minutes;
Pour the potion into a hot water bath;
Dip the anus and areas of inflammation into the water as you sit in the tub;
Hang in there 10-15 minutes before the water is cooled;
After your procedure, put warm underwear.

The same poison of nettle can be used for microclimations

Stinging Nettle Benefits and Side Effects

To make a small enema, it is necessary to pour a warm nettle net into the capacity of the enema device. Before the procedure, you need to perform hygiene of the anus, then massage with petroleum jelly or cream. The top of the attachment is also lubricated and with rotational movements place the tip in the anus and insert the contents into the rectum.

After the enema, visit the toilet and cook warm lingerie. The small enema contributes to the rapid and effective treatment of the internal cracks of the intestinal mucosa. It also prevents anal bleeding, has a special therapeutic effect on internal hemorrhoids and restores inflammation of the lining.

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