Natural sugar substitutes

The best natural sugar substitutes that you may know about, but don’t use as intended. Anyone on a diet should refrain from foods high in sugar and sweeteners. Therefore foods and supplements in a healthy diet should be as close as possible to their natural appearance. Refined white sugar is not recommended in any diet. It has no good effect on metabolism.

Of course, small amounts are not dangerous. Still, it’s good to know that there are better alternatives. Remember that excess sugar leads to. – weight problems;

– hyperactivity, anxiety, dental impairment, difficulty concentrating and irrational behavior.

– feeding cancer cells and suppressing immune function.

– premature formation of wrinkles and reduction of skin elasticity.

– impairs vision, can lead to diabetes, gallstones and appendix.

– leaves a feeling of depression. In this sense, the question comes how to satisfy our need for sweets without endangering our health.

This is possible thanks to the following substitute products

10 Alternatives to Refined Sugar

Honey. Contains many minerals. In addition, honey is believed to be responsible for eliminating many allergies. The bee product is sweeter than white sugar. It is best suited for pouring hot cakes or mixed with lemon as a dressing. Each dish served with honey makes the dish exotic and much more attractive.

Fig jam. Figs were used as a sweetener even before sugar extraction. It seems they have a laxative effect, are a rich source of iron. Fig jam is widely used in cooking. It is also one of the best substitutes for refined sugar.

What are natural sugar substitutes

10 Natural Sweeteners & Sugar Alternatives - eMediHealth

  • Honey
  • Fig jam
  • Fruits
  • Dates
  • Raisins
  • Dried fruits

Dates. About 60% of the content of this fruit is sugar. This percentage increases when the dates are dried. Date sugar is extracted from the drying and grinding of the fruit. Therefore when cooking, keep in mind that this sugar is not easily soluble in liquids. It is suitable for making baked cakes. It is widely used in Indian cuisine. a slight pleasant taste remains in the mouth. Date sugar is sweeter than white and brown sugar.

Raisins. They are delicious and healthy alternative to fat. They are suitable for adding to cakes and other pastries without the need to add white sugar. Dried fruits. In addition to being delicious, prunes, apples, etc. add color to cooked jams. As dried fruits are a suitable addition to some salads.

Fruits. They can be served as a dessert after lightly sauteing in olive oil. Add walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts to them and you will prepare an extremely tasty and at the same time healthy dessert.

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