Natural probiotics in our menu


natural probiotics in our menu mentioned below will help you choose which foods to include in your diet

The list of natural probiotics in our menu mentioned below will help you choose which foods to include in your diet. Usually foods that ferment have numerous health benefits for our body – to strengthen the immune system and improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines to relieve insomnia. From a culinary point of view, they add much more intense and interesting taste.


Kombucha is a great drink with great health benefits. It is already well known and widespread, so it should not have a problem to find a nearby health store products. One such drink a day will supply you with the necessary dose of probiotics.


Maybe it sounds exotic, but it is actually a milk drink that is produced from grains of kefir. The list of the benefits of Kefir is endless – suitable for low carb diet helps the work of enzymes that transform food into the body and is beneficial to the immune system. If you find grains of Kefir, simply soak them in whole milk for 24 to 48 hours. Extremely tasty snack in combination with berries, honey and whose seeds. Can be stored in jars in the refrigerator.


This is perhaps the most commonly used method for storing and consumption of vegetables have gone through a process of fermentation. Almost all vegetables are prepared in this way, but probably the best known and used are similar pickles.


Natural probiotics in our menu, which can store a long time, suitable for low-carbohydrate diets, healthy products and spices

So they remain usable, very long time after being picked, while spices and flavors that they are added in canning make them even more desirable.


Most of chili sauces that are sold commercially are filled with preservatives and it is good to learn how to prepare yourself and keep this valuable sauce. Chile, which has undergone fermentation process and is enclosed in appropriate jars and kept at the right place is a great solution for something spicy to your otherwise ordinary dinner. You will make sure that you are loading your body with probiotics and you will not need pills.


Who has not tried Kimchi must quickly correct its mistake. Usually it’s a combination of vegetable sprouts, carrots and cucumber, but there are a number of variations on the theme, you can find a recipe on the Internet.

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