Five natural probiotics to add in your menu

Five natural probiotics to add in your menu, because from a culinary point of view they add a much more intense and interesting flavor. The list of products below will help you choose which foods to include in your menu. Usually foods that ferment have many benefits to our body’s health – by stimulating the immune system and improving the performance of the stomach and intestine to relieve insomnia.

Five natural probiotics to add to your menu

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Bất ngờ với những lợi ích sức khỏe tuyệt vời của trà kombucha | Báo Dân trí

Kombucha is a great drink with great health benefits. Now it’s well known and widespread, so you should not have a problem finding it in a nearby health store. One such drink per day will provide you with the required dose of probiotic.


Nấm Kefir là gì? Công dụng nấm sữa Kefir, nấm Tây Tạng và cách nuôi

Maybe it sounds pretty exotic, but it’s actually a milk drink made from kefir beans. Kefir’s list of advantages is endless – it is suitable for low-carb diets, helps the work of enzymes that process food in the body and has a beneficial effect on the immune system. If you find kefir beans, simply soak them in whole milk for 24 to 48 hours. Exceptionally delicious breakfast is combined with fruit, honey and seeds. May be stored in jars in the refrigerator.


What is Plain Chocolate? - Whitakers Chocolates | Our BlogWhitakers  Chocolates | Our Blog

This is perhaps the most commonly used method of storing and consuming vegetables that have undergone a fermentation process. Almost all vegetables are prepared in this way, but probably the most famous and used are pickles. In this way, they are kept fit for use very long after they have been taken, while spices and flavorings that contribute to preservation make them even more desirable.


Best Classic Chili Recipe - How to Make Easy Beef Chili

Most of the Chinese sauces sold on the market are full of preservatives, so you should learn how to cook and store this valuable sauce. Chile, which has gone through the fermentation process and is enclosed in suitable jars and is preserved in the right place, is the ideal solution for something hot for the otherwise ordinary dinner. With it you will be sure that you have loaded your body with a probiotic and you will not need pills.


Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) recipe by  Maangchi

Anyone who has not tried Kimchi must quickly correct his mistake. Typically, this is a vegetable combination of cabbage, carrots and cucumbers, but there are a number of variants on the subject that you can find as recipes on the internet.

To conclude, these five natural sources of probiotics can support gut health and offer diverse bacteria to the diet. It’s important to note that the probiotic content can vary widely depending on factors like preparation, fermentation time, and storage. Additionally, individual responses to probiotic foods can differ, and some people might experience digestive discomfort if they are not used to consuming these foods regularly. For updated information or contemporary developments pertaining to natural probiotics post-early 2023, it would be advisable to consult the latest scientific studies or expert nutrition guidelines.

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