Natural painkillers in foods

Natural painkillers in foods with medicinal properties. Do not hurry to run to the drugstore when you feel mild pain. Many of medicinal products could be replaced by natural foods and ingredients that have rapid analgesic effect and can easily return the smile on your face.

These natural painkillers often found in our kitchen cabinets or refrigerators, but we have not imagined for their wonderful healing properties.

Clove toothache – If you tighten tooth pain can relieve their monstrous suffering with a few grains of cloves. Put in your mouth two three karamfilcheta, leave for a few minutes to soften and try to chew with the sore tooth.

Drink ginger tea

Ginger Tea Health Benefits — What is Ginger Tea Good For? - Parade

Clove oil contained in it will soothe the pain and will have a positive impact, at least until you get to your dentist. For those who often suffer from indigestion helps saltwater fish. They are rich in fatty acids that reduce cramping and abdominal pain.

To achieve the desired effect it is necessary to eat sea fish at least every other day. Ginger against joint pain – ginger proven natural miracle cure for many diseases. Danish researchers recently conducted a survey among people suffering from joint pain, arthritis and other similar diseases.

In their study was included ginger root, as a possible cure for their pain. For two months 63% of patients got rid of the annoying pain. For this purpose they daily drinking ginger tea or include it in salads. Turmeric for chronic pain – Thanks to the spices contained in turmeric, it effectively cope with chronic pain.

The substance curcumin is able to naturally inhibit pain, so it is well to daily meals to add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric. Yet consider his condition and as quickly as possible, visit your doctor. Sometimes the most seemingly harmless pain may be more serious than you think.

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