Mediterranean salad with avocado and tuna

Mediterranean salad with avocado

Mediterranean salad with avocado and tuna special recipe of Master Chief.

Mediterranean salad with avocado and tuna special recipe of Master Chief. Avocado is a plant species known from more than 8,000 years in Central and South America, where Indian tribes Aztecs and Mayans cultivated it in order to turn it into an important part of their way of livelihood for centuries to come. The reason for this is the high nutritional value of protein, minerals and vitamins.

A curious detail is that 1 hectare avocado can be harvested up to 16 tons of fruit, and over two tons of precious avocado oil, which is successfully used in the cosmetics industry. It is not accidental that salty fruit finds its way into colorful culinary world. It can be served as an appetizer with raw vegetables as an ingredient in salads and as an appetizer with seafood. A wonderful side dish is fish and beef or chicken.

Tasty is natural and sprinkled with lemon juice. As for the culinary business card of avocados, there is hardly anyone who has not heard of Guacamole – famous avocado mousse with added tomatoes, peppers, onions and lemon juice, typical of Mexican cuisine.

Do not be disappointed that today’s recipe will be dedicated to him, because the new proposal is more than a fresher, more exotic and more irresistible! It’s juicy summer salad that will bring much color and beauty into your daily menu, and you will become a true culinary seducers for your loved ones as well as special guests. Tasted it!

Necessary products for salad

2 pcs. avocado

salad with avocado and tuna

making salad dressing and necessary products for this delicious food that is very useful even for vegetarians

2 pcs. tomatoes medium size
1 small onion
180-190 grams of canned tuna
For salad dressing:
2 p. L. Olive oil
1. L. Mustard
1. L. White wine
2 p. L. Lemon juice
Tomatoes and onions are cut into cubes and strips. Canned fish is drained and sprinkled on vegetables. Avocado fruits carefully cut into halves and remove their stones. An easy way to separate the fruit from the rind is performing several incisions along the fetus, then this delicate separation of flesh using a tablespoon.

At the end of this procedure you will have a full plate with avocado slices, you can refine willingly future salad. Once all the ingredients are in a bowl and sprinkled with salt, it’s time to prepare an aromatic dressing. When homogeneous mixture is ready, it is poured all products and mix.

Meanwhile, preserved halves avocado are ideal mini salad in which you can serve fresh Mediterranean salad. Depending on the season, you can place them on a bed of curly leaf salad. Real temptation for various occasions! If you have a small black olives, do not hesitate to arrange this beauty with them. Brilliant start a garden party.

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