Mango most consumed fruit in the world

Mango most consumed fruit in the world a few decades ago was considered as one of the most exotic fruits that are not even sold in markets and shops.

Today this fruit which was grown for the first time in India. Today this fruit, which is cultivated for the first time in India can be found in many places and even more resourceful hosts have already learned about what and how to use it.

However, if you have not tried it, you have no idea what tastes, how it looks and how to eat, that’s what is important to know about mangoes:

Mango is cultivated widely in Southeast Asia, but has spread worldwide and as strange as it sounds, holds the top spot among the best-selling fruit;

Mango fruits for regular consumption

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Mangotoraste of trees that reach a height of over 45 meters. They have large leaves and dense crown;

Unlike most familiar to us fruit trees mango begins to form fruit in winter. Exceptions are trees that are grown in the northern hemisphere, where the fruits are harvested in late summer;

Very difficult to determine what flavor is mango, but it’s certainly one of the most succulent fruit you’ve ever tried. Some likened the taste of apricot and melon, and others – with a rose or even lemon. Mangoes reach 400-450 g, but in stores and markets are selling quite small specimens;

In our country you can see with your own eyes how they grow mango trees only in botanical gardens and ornamental greenhouses. Unfortunately our weather conditions do not allow cultivation even now many experienced gardeners have tried;

Mangoes are very rich in beta carotene, iron, calcium, sodium, vitamins B and E and many other valuable substances. Most nutritionists recommend regular consumption of mango, whatever form it will be;

Mangoes of the family. Fistashkovi to which it belongs and shamfastakat. It is interesting to mention that we know katopodpravka Curry also made using the fruits of mango, but only while they are unripe.

Thanks to its taste qualitative and beneficial ingredients is the best-selling fruit stand on climate change, recommended for regular consumption,

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