Make your favorite foods vegetarian

Make your favorite foods vegetarian foods to live longer and be healthy and vibrant. There are a lot of logical and increasingly healthy reasons to make you not eat meat. Fortunately, with little creativity, you can replace the meat in almost any dish – it is important to find the right and resembling vegetarian substitute. If you are new to this area, the following suggestions are likely to be extremely helpful.

Make your favorite foods vegetarian

The Vegetarian Spectrum: A Rainbow of Terms That Mean "Eating Green"


Why Is Jackfruit Good for You? Nutrition, Benefits and How To Eat It

This great but little-known fruit coming from India is rich in protein and vitamin B, which makes it great for your new, healthier diet. You will find it hard to take and process the giant fruit at home, so the better option is to buy one of cans. It can be consumed in different ways and you will always feel like eating meat – spicy spices baked on barbecue, onions and hot sauce, fried on a pan stewed in vegetable broth, baked in an oven;


Instant Pot Lentils (Perfect, Tender, No Soaking!) - Minimalist Baker

Part of a legume family that is well combined with meat and equally imitates it, both protein content and texture and taste. You can use lentils in any dish that requires minced meat. Legumes often mimic meat in their levels of protein and texture. In particular, the lentils are great for dishes that are usually prepared with minced meat and are extremely low in fat but high in fiber, iron and protein. Use the lens to make burgers, stews and dishes.

Marinated mushrooms

Easy Marinated Mushrooms Recipe (15 minutes) - The Kitchen Girl

Flights with soy sauce or wine vinegar, mushrooms do not give way to meat products. In addition to all the well-known ingredients, there are selenium in the mushrooms, which is rarely found in fruits and vegetables, but it is of the utmost importance for the proper functioning of the liver. Shiitake mushrooms are almost indistinguishable from chicken when properly prepared. Mushrooms have a meat-like texture when cooking and are vegetables that can be marinated. When marinating, they successfully acquire a wonderful lint of taste when placed in soy sauce and rice vinegar.

They are full of vitamin D, fiber, potassium, and their rich mineral content of selenium, which is rarely found in fruits and vegetables, is essential for a healthy liver function. Shiitake mushrooms are known for their fleshy texture, approaching that of the meat.

How to replace your favorite foods with vegetarian

Vegan Food List: 11 Foods That Healthy Vegans Eat

4. Nuts – If you think your vegetarian dish will have a shortage of protein and fat, add nuts to it. The most commonly used are peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts. From them can be made cheese, mayonnaise, various sauces or bites; Nuts are a universal food and can be added to any dish, salad or dessert. They contain proteins and healthy fats to make the vegetarian dish complete and nutritious. Cashew, almonds and walnuts are the nuts most easily found and used by vegetarians.

Almonds have a lot of protein, and are also rich in fiber, vitamin E and iron. Cashew is a good source of essential minerals such as zinc, potassium, manganese and iron, and walnuts are rated as the healthiest nuts because of their wealth of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Nuts can be a substitute for milk, cheese and meat.

5. Misso – Japanese paste made from fermented soybeans. It is used to flavor a variety of dishes because it has a specific taste well-known from meat and fish dishes;

Smoked spices

Many of the people who have devoted to vegetarianism replace the smoky taste of meat with different spices.
Adding smoked salt and smoked red pepper to a variety of dishes will add this delicious aroma of smoked bacon or sausage. These spices are easily found in our stores and are successfully used by many.

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