Kohlrabi protects against prostate cancer and flu

Kohlrabi protects against prostate cancer and  flu, although it does not enjoy a particular popularity in our country, resembles a green or purple medium-sized ball.

The edible part of this autumn vegetable is a thickened stem of a biennial plant. Although it is cultivated in our latitudes for decades, the Kohlrabi is often not present at the table of the European.

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Most people have no idea how to cook. It is poorly known that, in addition to its sweet taste, Kohlrabi also surprises with its rich palette of benefits for the body and human health.

Kohlrabi looks like the turnip, but tastes more soft and sweet. It can be consumed both raw and heat-treated. Add to salads, dishes, soups, cooked dishes, fry or brew. In frying, however, its beneficial ingredients almost disappear and Kohlrabi becomes carcinogenic.

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What Is Kohlrabi?

Only 100 grams of Kohlrabi  contains the daily dose of vitamin C. This strengthens the immune system and successfully fights all colds, viruses and flu. Therefore, Kohlrabi is among the most beneficial foods during the sick winter months.

It also contains vitamins from Group B, A, E, D, as well as useful microelements such as sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper, chromium and iron.

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How to Prepare and Cook Kohlrabi Deliciously

Another function of Kohlrabi  is prevention of prostate cancer as well as kidney problems. Its use, except for influenza, helps to clear the airways and clear the lungs.

Recommended for people with bronchial diseases and smokers. Kohlrabi is extremely low calorie. In 100 g there are only 25-30 calories and almost no fat and protein. This makes it a perfect diet for diets. Kohlrabi can be found in almost any vegetable shop. Select small to medium sized chapters.

The leaves should be fresh, without yellowing at the edges. The mesh part must be undamaged. If a yellowed core is fed from the cleats, do not buy this vegetable. Kohlrabi is not very durable. The refrigerator lasts up to a few days.

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