Kiwi removes cholesterol

Kiwi removes cholesterol from the body, in addition to being a very tasty fruit, it also helps fight diseases. It is rich in a number of important trace elements and minerals, as well as vitamins A, B and C. An interesting fact that not everyone knows is that just one kiwi a day can meet the body’s need for vitamin C. It in turn helps to increase the protective forces and at the same time significantly increases the body’s resistance to various types of infections.

Kiwi removes cholesterol from the body

Kiwi là quả gì, vào mùa nào? Cách chọn mua, giá bán và các món ngon từ kiwi

See more in the following lines: Cholesterol is an important part of the proper functioning of the body, as it takes an active part in a number of life processes. It can be conditionally divided into two types – good and bad. High levels of the latter can lead to a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system and beyond. In order to control the level of cholesterol in the blood, doctors prescribe various medications and prescribe a diet to lower cholesterol.

Drug therapy can be combined with folk medicine, as there are a number of fruits and vegetables that can help lower high cholesterol. One of the popular ways to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood is to consume kiwi regularly. Actinidine is a unique enzyme that helps to reduce it. In addition, kiwi contains cellulose, which in turn helps not only to burn fat, but also to reduce blood cholesterol.

A number of experiments have been done to lower bad cholesterol after taking kiwi vitamin bomb. In 2009, in Thailand, researchers studied men and women of different ages who regularly ate 2-3 fruits for 2 weeks. Repeated analyzes showed that the level of bad cholesterol in the blood of the participants in the experiment decreased significantly, and only for such a short time. These results were also confirmed by researchers and Norwegian scientists in 2014.

When can we eat kiwi

Can a kiwi a day keep the doctor away? — Noisy Guts

The drug method of lowering blood cholesterol is made with the help of certain drugs, which are grouped together under the name of statins. An alternative method of treating high cholesterol is with the help of the kiwi fruit. Even this folk remedy has its nuances and moments that are good to know.

If you have decided to lower the bad cholesterol in your blood, then be ready to eat composition of kiwi every day for at least 1-2 months. Even a missed day can slow down the process. The other important point is to take the kiwi 30 minutes before eating. Like any fruit, kiwi has its own contraindications. People who already have some problems with the gastrointestinal tract should be most careful.

The content of a large amount of organic acids makes kiwi contraindicated for patients who have gastritis with increased acidity, as it can lead to exacerbation of the disease. You should not forget that this fruit is quite a strong allergen, so it should not be consumed if you have an intolerance to it.

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