Incredible melon treated and makeover

Spectacular melon heals and beautifies very useful fruit when consumed properly. Important is maturity. Under-ripe fruits are not recommended for stomach ulcers or acute gastritis. It is not recommended to eat melon on an empty stomach. It is desirable to eat between meals, it can mix with the rest absorbed food.

The handsome melon should have a thick stem. To determine whether it is mature, we have to push the bark on the opposite side of the handle. If the bark is rough, it is not ripe, and if you succumb to pressure ripe. In most places sell pieces of sliced ​​melon. When the seeds are dried and separated from the meat, it is old.

Melon against stress

Bibit Benih Buah Melon Mix (10 Butir) | Lazada Indonesia

In folk medicine melon is given of debilitated patients, especially after suffering liver diseases and operations. After eating cantaloupe both sick and healthy, you should not drink cold water. Is not consumed in combination with yogurt and dairy products, alcoholic beverages, because it will lead to stomach upset. Melon helps a lot.

With a decoction of the seeds in the past they have treated gonorrhea and decoction of the bark and roots served as a purgative stomach.
To improve digestion recommended consumption of juice or melon fruit itself. Effective against tapeworms children.

Another sensitive area for the use of Melon seeds – they increase male strength. The fresh seeds can simply be chewed (sufficient are 2-5 g per day). Overdose may be harmful to the spleen. Therefore was added copper – it removes harmful influence.

As the meat, and the seeds of melon used in renal stone disease. Folk recipes recommend better be crushed seeds in a mortar. Thereto was added cold boiled water. Of screened water to drink half a glass before meals. Can be made “cake” of melon, which helps in skin problems – acne. At crushed melon puree add flour.

It is used as a mask. And in order to preserve it for a long time to make cakes like noodles and dried in the sun or in the oven. When they are used wet with water and makes the mask.

Cantaloupe is a cure for stress and an aphrodisiac. This is proof that the beneficial might be tasty. Cantaloupe is not only a wonderful dessert, but is full of useful substances. The calorific value of the melon has 30 calories per one hundred grams. This allows the fruit to be used for unloading days.

Vitamins in melon are folic acid, vitamin C, beta-carotene. Melon is a valuable source of folic acid, as in most products it is destroyed under the effect of heat treatment, and this fruit each eaten raw.

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