How to stop eating uncontrollably

How to stop eating uncontrollably without changing your weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people suffering from obesity has increased in recent years. The causes of this disease may be different, but in many cases common overeating leads to it.

How to stop eating uncontrollably

What does it mean when you "can't stop overeating"? | Nutrition By Carrie

  • Drink water throughout the day. It will fill your stomach and you will feel full for a long time;
  • Include nutritious meals in the menu, but not those that simply contain a lot of calories. Eat less fatty, sugary foods, refuse fast foods. As corny as it sounds, but the rule really works. Instead of high useful foods, choose foods that contain vegetable fiber and protein in large quantities. So quickly you will feel that your stomach is full;
  • Stop eating as soon as you feel the first signs of satiety. Observe yourself to identify the “signals” your body gives you when your stomach is full (this is usually a weight loss in the abdomen). Once you recognize them, leave everything on the plate and stand up from the table;
  • Sometimes you feel that you have uncontrollable hunger and the cause is different. We just have nothing to do. Start doing something if you are bored. For example, instead of eating a packet of chips in front of the TV, make an appointment with a friend, visit the pool, or just take a walk to the nearest park. Any active action will distract you from the false sense of hunger;

Important steps in proper nutrition

Why can't you just eat? Why can't you just stop eating? Do I have an eating  disorder? | ReBecca McConville, MS, RD, LD, CSSD, CEDRD

  • And it’s not just boredom that makes us look in the fridge. Stress and anxiety are also to blame. But it is important to realize that eating will not solve the problem. Cake is not an option, it will bring you absolutely no benefit. A full stomach does not mean a full soul. Have a habit or ritual that helps you relax. For example, when you can’t find yourself, do something for a long time that you couldn’t take time to do – do wellness treatments, do a home face mask, arrange a session with aromatherapy, and take a relaxing bath;
  • Another effective way to prevent uncontrolled eating is to eliminate these temptations. Do not refrigerate much of anything “delicious” in the refrigerator. After all, even the appearance of some crunchy sweets can easily deplete the willpower. In the same paragraph, the rule applies: do not go to the store hungry not to buy too much;
  • Eat more often but in smaller portions. This is also a common truth for anyone who wants to lose weight. But for some reason, from the knowledge to the observance of this rule, there is a complete chasm. Breakfasts will allow you to feel the energy throughout the day. While a hearty dinner can lead to drowsiness;

There seem to be too many rules and prohibitions when it comes to eating healthier. But the excellent health, vitality and good mood that a healthy diet will give you are worth it! Start following the rules against uncontrolled eating right now and the results will not wait long.

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