How to Get Vitamin A

The second form of vitamin A is based on plants and is better known as carotenoids. With over 600 carotenoids, they are divided into two types: xanthophylls that give yellow pigments to the foods we eat, and carotenes, which most often give an orange color to our fruits and vegetables.
Interestingly, the body can produce the whole vitamin A it needs, only from the fruits and vegetables we eat! Vitamin A from fruits and vegetables is incredibly important for many body functions. As an antioxidant it extracts free radicals and combats diseases and infections. It is therefore particularly important for our immunity.

Vitamin A carrot smoothie
Vitamin A carrot smoothie

Vitamin A fights eye damage by protecting them from harmful light. It also helps our vision in low light. Vitamin A protects the mucous membranes and skin from bacterial and infection attacks. It is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin A is extremely healthy for the reproductive system of men and women.

How to get vitamin A and why is it useful? There are two forms of vitamin A. The first is called retinoid, which is found in food sources such as meat, oily fish, dairy products, eggs, and fortified foods. And while they are all good sources of vitamin A, they are also high in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Good sources of vitamin A

When you wonder which fruits and vegetables to add to your juice or troubles because they contain vitamin A, think about the saturated color, not just the orange! Some fruits and vegetables, which are bright purple, yellow and red, are excellent sources of vitamin A, such as red, purple and yellow peppers.

Some of the best sources of vitamin A are carrots, chili peppers, melon, spinach and apricots. Others are mango, grapefruit, cabbage, sweet potatoes, watermelon and tomato.

Vitamin A hot peppers
Vitamin A hot peppers

Necessary Products for Healthy Vitamin A Juice

1 red pepper
4 carrots
4 spinach leaves
1 tomato
1 piece of fresh ginger
Put all the products in a blender and break well. So simple and incredibly useful.

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