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How to cook healthier and tastier without unnecessary preservatives.

How to cook healthier and tastier without unnecessary preservatives.

Invest in nice containers

If you get the nice dishes with nonstick coating will immediately begin to reduce fat, which catered. Particularly important for pans, which make eggs, pancakes and other dishes.

Replace fried with roasted roasting

I will ask you to give up your favorite of the whole family chips. I’ll just offer you a technique to frying clever. The same goes for fish, chicken, vegetables and more.

baked healthier potatoes

How to cook healthier valuable tips about the used products and spices as well as the technology of cooking

Cut the peeled potatoes into sticks and dry them well. Roll them in a mixture of olive oil, mustard and garlic and arrange them on a tray in a row on baking paper.

Bake for half an hour at 200 degrees. For chicken and fish technique is similar – roll in egg or soak in milk, then in breadcrumbs. Bake the potatoes.

Instead of salt – lemon and spices

The damage from salt is a known fact. To replace it in most dishes, try a more lemon juice, mustard, horseradish and spices – all herbs and hot peppers will trick your palate and not reaching for the salt shaker.

Buy only whole wheat flour

You will not harm any of his recipe, but will satisfy their needs for beneficial fiber, vitamins, zinc and magnesium. On top of that some recipes are prepared in delicious with whole wheat flour. You’ll be surprised, but this is particularly true for desserts when we know we have to perform exactly the recipe.

healthier cream sauce

Minimize heat treatment of food

Dishes without cream

Creamy sauces are great, but if you eat them too often is not good for your health. Do they substitute.

Take low-fat milk and thickened with flour. 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons needed flour. Mix them over medium heat until the sauce thickens.

The other option is to take a low calorie mayonnaise and enrich it with a few tablespoons of sour cream.





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