Herbs for strengthening blood vessels

Herbs for strengthening blood vessels to maintain their normal and seamless functions. Parsley juice – Parsley, apart from spices, is also a powerful herb. Its juice is extremely strong and should not drink more than 30 to 60 ml in pure form. It is best to consume mixed with carrot juice, salad, spinach or celery. The contents of the parsley juice help to strengthen the blood vessels, especially the arteries and capillaries. It promotes oxygen exchange and normal functioning of the adrenal gland and the thyroid gland, and works very well in diseases of the urogenital organs, it helps a lot in kidney stones and bladder, nephritis, urinary albumin and other kidney diseases.

Parsley juice is also recommended in menstrual cycles, accompanied by severe cramps, in combination with carrot, beet or cucumber juice. During treatment, foods rich in concentrated sugars and starch and meat products should not be eaten.

Kiwi Juice

Kiwi Juice Recipe: How to Make Kiwi Juice Recipe | Homemade Kiwi Juice  Recipe

It’s best for blood vessel cleansing. For this you need to eat 3-4 of the delicious berries per month. Besides, grapefruit is also included in the group of blood vessel builders. Its primary healing power lies in a white flesh that we usually remove. Because of the pectin content, it significantly reduces blood cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis of cerebral blood vessels. It is good to eat one or two grapefruit a week.


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The herb stevia is a perennial bushy plant, occurring naturally in Paraguay and Brazil. An extremely useful herb is because of the sweet substances contained in it, called whole stevia – in pure terms they are about 200 times sweeter than sugar. However, they are not harmful, such as sugar, but on the contrary stevia is an indispensable remedy for cardiovascular and diabetes sufferers, as the herbs and minerals contain insulin secretion. In addition, regular stevia utilization reduces sugar, radionuclides and cholesterol in the body, improves cell regeneration and blood coagulation, stops the growth of neoplasms, strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.

Aloe Vera

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The healing and therapeutic properties of aloe vera have been known for years. Aloe is a natural substance. It contains about two hundred bioactive molecules. Compressed fresh leaf juice is used to stimulate wound healing after burning, after X-rays and more. Of all the vitamins and minerals in the aloe, the most beneficial on the blood vessels is Vitamin C, which is necessary for the formation of collagen.

Green Tea

Chiết xuất trà xanh/ Green tea extract – DaQuyn

In green tea production, the change and destruction of a number of ingredients through fermentation and oxidation are avoided. Therefore, it contains all the active ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the human body. Contemporary research shows that, along with other medicinal properties, green tea also has the property of strengthening blood vessels.


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These delicious vitamin bombs contain flavonoids (including anthocyanins), powerful antioxidants useful for proper brain function, have the ability to strengthen blood vessels and improve their elasticity.

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