Herbal teas appetite suppressants

Green tea

excellent antioxidant rich source of Vitamin C

In this article you’ll learn about herbal teas appetite suppressants and spices to tackle this problem. These are:

1. Green tea – an excellent antioxidant rich source of Vitamin C, accelerating the metabolism of the body.

2. Cinnamon – a magnificent flavor. Can be added to herbal chaycheta instead of sugar. Great plant which accelerates fat burning.

3. Nettle – a source of vitamin E and C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Perfect for those who want to eat healthy. Purifies the body of harmful toxins, regulates metabolism and suppresses appetite.

4. Parsley – one of the major components of very strong diuretic properties due to detoxification. It also helps reduce appetite.

Herbal teas against appetite

5. Melissa – known for their ability to burn fat. Also increases the body’s resistance.

6. Red pepper – speeds up metabolism and helps eating a large amount of water.

7. Thyme – accelerates metabolism like paprika, accelerates metabolism, strengthens the immune system and regulates hranosmilatlnata system.

Melissa tea

Herbal teas appetite suppressants known for their healing properties help strengthen the immune system

8. Dill – suppresses appetite, prevents the formation of freeing excess gas and bloating, regulate bowel function.

9. Linseed – rich in protein, contains fiber and vitamins, it helps to strengthen the immune system, suppresses hunger and decreases drastically.

10. Cardamom – helps digestion by adjusting the gastrointestinal tract. Also it allows you to refresh your breath and normal breathing.

11. Salvia – can consume as tea, at the same time can be used in the preparation of various dishes. It has antiseptic properties.

12. Rosemary – gives vitality of the body, stimulates circulation and speeds up weight loss by helping to regulate the digestive system.




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