Health Benefits of Hazelnut Than Consumption

The health benefits of eating hazelnuts made from different bases have a huge impact on our nutrition. Adding the enchanting taste we immediately feel to the taste buds, as well as their widespread use with all kinds of food, gives the picture of an extremely healthy and delicious food.

The health benefits of hazelnut tahn consumption are compounded by many plant diets and affect metabolism

The application of the tahana is really wide – it can be added to sweets, desserts, troubles, various fillings for sweets and salty cookies, in sauces, pates, sweets, even in bread. The choices are also great – sesame, walnut, hazelnut, almond, sunflower – a whole palette of tastes that gives countless possibilities. Let’s talk about the hazelnut tahan, especially its health benefits.

What are the health benefits of eating hazelnut tahana?

Hazelnut là gì? Công Dụng, Thành Phần Dinh Dưỡng Của Hazelnut

Tahan is a food that has been present in the Eastern Kitchen for centuries. It was a curative food for osteoporosis in the past, for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, used to feed children as it is a light and easily digestible food with a pleasant taste. Ancient cooks used it for gourmet dishes. This applies to all types of tahana.

Hazelnuts are a product that is based on hazelnuts. In combination with chocolate, it is a real chocolate explosion for the senses and can make every skeptic become a fan of the tahana. In addition to its taste, it also has many health benefits. In 2 tablespoons tahan (30 grams of product) contains:
– More than 80 percent of the body’s manganese needed. It supports brain functions;

he health benefits of eating hazelnuts made from different bases have a huge impact on our nutrition

– About 30 percent of our daily vitamin C to fight disease and aging;
150 milligrams of folic acid so needed to fight anemia and fetal health of pregnant women;
Almost 90 percent of hazelnut fats are unsaturated, helping to fight cardiovascular disease, reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels;

– High levels of manganese and magnesium are a true health watchdog in everyday stress;
– Hazelnut tahana is a good choice for diabetics because of the low glycemic index.

How to consume the hazelnut talc and in what quantities?

Thanks To Nutella, The World Needs More Hazelnuts : The Salt : NPR

The most appropriate dose is 2 tablespoons a day. To be tasty but healthy, they can mix with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of cocoa for softness to taste.

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