Grapes autumn pleasure

Ancient legends tell that grapes autumn pleasure comes from the Mediterranean basin. Its cultivation and harvesting is a ritual that has always occupied a central place in the culture of the peoples of this region. Often harvest become feasts, celebrations and rituals. First it grew Sumerians and Phoenicians, Greeks lauded it as a sacred fruit of the gods, and thanks to the cultivation of vineyards been a significant improvement in the quality and Romans later they spread widely in the old continent.

The properties and benefits of grapes

What Are Grapes, and How Are They Used?

Sweetness that distinguishes grapes is accompanied by important properties from a nutritional standpoint. Grapes, especially black, is considered a natural antioxidant with high content of bioflavonoids that slow the formation of free radicals and help to resist the oxidation of LDL. The benefits of grapes did not stop there, because this fruit, so beloved, there are valuable protective effect of our heart and phenol content in grape skin helps the blood to prevent the formation of thrombosed plaques.

His sweet nature and quercetin, another bioflavonoid contained in red grapes make it a real mine of energy, ideal to face the exhaustion of power, typically in the change of season.

Moderate consumption is only recommended for children because of the difficulties associated with the digestion of his skin and diabetic patients due to the high content of sugars.


Grapes Vs. Raisins: What's The Nutritional Difference?

Today there are a variety of raisins. They are made from grapes with small grains sweet, seedless and have a thick skin. You can prepare at home, and hang the bunches in a dry, warm place. So fruit will reach the typical dehydrated appearance / depending on the climate can be stored for several months in closet /.

Vine leaves

Is Grapes Good For Diabetes? - Sugar.Fit

Given the excellent nutritional properties of vine leaves, they are widely used in the cuisine of Greece, Turkey, the Arab countries and in our country. It is customary to eat vine leaves stuffed with minced meat, rice or different mixes. Most edible leaves are in early development. After thoroughly washing and scalding, you can use them in your chosen recipe. And to be available throughout the year, are salted and preserved in brine or oil.

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