Good reasons to eat more hazelnuts

Good reasons to eat more hazelnuts, a type of walnut coming from the Corylus tree. Cultivated mainly in Turkey, Italy, Spain and the United States. Hazelnuts have a sweet flavor and can be eaten raw, roasted or ground. These nuts are very delicious by incorporating our favorite liquid chocolate and various delicacies such as cakes, pastries and brownies. But you also know that crunchy hazelnuts are also superpowers for our health.

Here are 7 good reasons to eat more hazelnuts

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Bomb of nutrients. Although they have many calories, they also have a lot of nutrients and healthy fats. Hazelnuts are a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, manganese and honey. They also have a high content of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids.

The hazelnuts will charge you with antioxidants

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Hazelnuts provide significant amounts of antioxidants. And they protect the body from oxidative stress that can damage the cellular structure and promote aging, cancer and heart disease. Hazelnuts are rich in phenolic compounds that have been shown to increase antioxidant protection in the body. It is best to eat the hazelnuts whole and raw.

Hazelnuts are good for the heart

Hazelnuts can increase oxidative capacity and reduce lipid levels in the blood, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. They also help to normalize blood pressure.

Hazelnuts fight cancer

The high concentration of antioxidant compounds, vitamin E and manganese in hazelnuts can help reduce the risk of some cancers, although more research is needed.

Hazelnuts reduce inflammation

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Hazelnuts are associated with reduced inflammatory markers due to the high concentration of healthy fats. Hazelnuts can help prevent and reduce inflammation.

Hazelnuts reduce blood sugar levels

Nuts like almonds and hazelnuts reduce blood sugar levels. Hazelnuts contain several compounds that can help lower blood sugar. However, the evidence is limited and its potential benefits need to be further investigated.

Hazelnuts are fast and easy healthy breakfast

Hazelnuts can be included in the diet as a healthy breakfast or as an ingredient in many dishes. You can enjoy raw, roasted, whole, cut in pieces or as a supplement to your salad.

Recipe for caramelized hazelnuts

Caramelized Hazelnuts Recipe (Easy and Quick) – Baking Like a Chef

Ingredients Necessary
hazelnuts – 120 g
sugar – 1 h.
water – 1 – 2 tablespoons
How to prepare caramelized hazelnuts
Caramulate the sugar by adding 1 – 2 tablespoons water.

Allow light caramel to form, just shake the dish to the end and do not confuse. Once the caramel has been obtained, roll off hazelnuts and lightly oval them in caramel. Remove them on baking paper or some smooth surface. Then remove them and collect them in a bowl.

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