Fresh vegetable salad against fatigue

Fresh vegetable salad against fatigue, easy and tasty just 10 minutes training. Feeling tired? One salad and you are like new. Fresh salads and lettuce than its culinary value and a number of other useful features.

They help to overcome stress and fatigue. They contain various mineral salts, vitamins, trace elements, easily digestible cellulose and specific biologically active substances.

These vegetables are a worthy substitute for the dock, spinach, sorrel in food diets. In taste and biological values bred in natural conditions plants mnogoktatno beyond those raised in greenhouses.

Carotene in the outer dark green leaves is 30 times more than in the inner pale green leaves, and the amount of vitamin C is 3 times more. Fresh green vegetables increased secretion of gastric juice and bile, increase the secretion of enzymes that help digestion. Strengthen motility.

Fresh vegetable salad

Quick + Easy Vegetable Salad (w/ Garlic Lemon Dressing) - TSV

Their fresh taste stimulates appetite. In people with decreased gastric acidity and suffering from constipation lettuce and salads must be present daily at the table. Iron and folic acid helps with anemia and are especially useful for pregnant women.

They are an excellent means of prevention against sclerosis and impaired thyroid function due to its high content of iodine in them. The presence of zinc is important for the proper functioning of the pancreas.

Vitamin C is not so high, but eating lettuce and salads in fresh form strengthens the body’s defenses and prevents infections. It is in their preparation they are thoroughly washed with water.

It is also important that they do not stay, because it leads to the destruction of vitamin C and deterioration of taste. In people with gastrointestinal problems leaves of vegetables can be steamed and prepared them to be different soups, purees, stuffing, stuffed vine leaves. But already cooked, they lose much of their nutritional value.


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