Forbidden foods while breastfeeding

Forbidden foods while breastfeeding

Full list of forbidden foods while breastfeeding

Full list of forbidden foods while breastfeeding. Nutrition during lactation is of the utmost importance. What you take passes into breast milk and is transmitted in the body of your baby.

Therefore, every bite and sip of your diet should be measured until you drop the baby. Breastfeeding is a process useful both for you and for your baby.

It is important for the health of your breasts. On the one hand has the ability to prevent mastopathy and breast cancer, the other helps faster to lose weight. In the period of lactation every woman should take 400-500 more calories per day than the period before pregnancy. During the period of lactation due to pernicious influence there are foods that you should completely remove from your diet.

Coffee and caffeinated drinks

Any stimulant drinks of this kind, even strong tea, pass directly into breast milk. So can cause anxiety in the child and he can not sleep. During the period of lactation these products are prohibited.
Carbonated drinks
They are a common cause of discomfort in the stomach. And as carry such negative for both you cause them and the baby.

foods to eat while breastfeeding

Lactation is particularly sensitive to a mother of a baby because everything eats it passes into breast milk and serve food for the infant.

Cabbage  beans

These foods also bloat the stomach and cause a certain malaise. If you do not want your child all night crying from colic, just forget them.
Spices, onion, garlic, chilli
Strong spices immediately giving a taste of the milk, which the child definitely will not like it. It may even refuse to eat. Therefore, do not consume these foods during pregnancy.
It is better this habit be terminated early in pregnancy, since smoking is the greatest enemy of development of the small man. You should not resume and during lactation, as nicotine goes directly into breast milk and body of your baby.
Also banned completely during pregnancy, during lactation can allow very small amounts of alcoholic drink if not breastfeeding in the next few hours. Better after consuming alcohol to express some of their milk and do not give your baby.
All approved drugs may alter breast milk. During the period of breastfeeding is better to avoid all drugs, even painkillers, not to harm the child. If you still have it in advance consult your doctor.



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