Foods high in calcium

Foods high in calcium should be taken on an empty stomach. Especially for seeds, nuts and some cereals. Almonds are a light snack with many benefits. Only one serving (approximately ¼ cup or quantity you can hold in your hand) contains tons of unsaturated fat, protein and fiber to satisfy your hunger and guess – almost 100 milligrams of calcium!

Foods high in calcium seeds

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Adding seeds to each dish yields the much needed crunch, but do not let the sizes mislead you – many seeds are rich in essential nutrients, including calcium. For example, only 2 tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds contain 280 mg of calcium. The same amount of the more popular Chia seeds will bring you 179 mg.

Also, make sure you control your portions – 200 calories accumulate in one serving. Tofu is a good choice for bones, especially if you avoid products of animal origin. Therefore, 1/2 cup of tofu will provide you with 250 to 800 mg of calcium, meaning you will get the same amount of calcium from the milk, says Dr. Weaver. Tofu is a great way to get your protein, fiber, and iron if you do not eat meat.

Foods high in calcium dried figs

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Although figs are usually known for their sweetness, their calcium content does not remain completely unnoticed. It seems that one serving (about 4 figs) has 50 to 60 mg of calcium, along with a decent dose of potassium and fiber. Besides the benefits of muscle building (thanks to its full list of essential amino acids), whey protein powder offers almost 90 mg of calcium per spoon as it is derived from cow’s milk.

And since most brands recommend a few scoops, you can double your intake. How to choose a powder that is actually good for you? Check out its origin and avoid those that contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweetener.

Foods high in calcium Soy milk

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Calcium-enriched soy milk contains so much of the mineral as good old cow’s milk. In addition, soy milk contains the most protein of all dairy products that do not contain milk, approximately 8 grams per serving (just like cow’s milk).

Foods high in calcium Orange juice

Orange juice - Wikipedia

Compare your glass with milk with a glass of orange juice enriched with calcium. Only one cup of juice will deliver approximately 350 mg of calcium, along with vitamin D (as long as it’s enriched), vitamin C, vitamin A and even potassium.

Foods high in calcium Enriched cereals

We know how difficult it is to find a healthy breakfast, but it is possible. Why are you worried? In addition to their seductive flavor, calcium-enriched cereal brands can provide you with 100 to 1000 mg of the substance. Look for variants that contain at least sugar. Fibers are your friends here – the more fibers they contain the grain, the better they are, so choose those that contain 5 grams of fiber or more.

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