Foods for long life

Foods for long life according to recent studies of American Scientists. Everyone wants to be forever young – some people are absolutely ready to undergo any diets with the idea to look good. Others, however, do not accept that dietary restrictions will deliver a long and full life.

There are several foods that could help us keep her slender figure and have a longer life.
– The favorite of many ladies chocolate is included in this list – the small percentage of sick people from cardiovascular disease was observed in the Kuna tribe, according to various studies.

The reason is that people from the tribe grow their cocoa, which subsequently consumed as a beverage. Indian tribe is located in Central America – at no representative of the tribe, there was no high blood pressure or diabetes. Scientists believe that the reason for this is the cocoa they drink;

– Wine is also part of the list. If used moderately, the alcohol can protect us from heart disease, memory problems, diabetes.
Scientists say that such properties have all alcoholic beverages, but they definitely recommend red wine. In it, as you know, also contains resveratrol, which is believed to slow the aging process;

The best Foods for long life

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Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats and help the normal functioning of the heart. They have yet high in minerals, amino acids, vitamins. Daily use of nuts increases the life by an average of 2.5 years, according to various studies;
– Blueberries are rich in substances that reduce the oxidative and inflammatory processes in the body;

– Olive oil reduces the risk of cancer and also helps fight cardiovascular disease. This fact has been scientifically proven – why are monounsaturated fats, contained

in olive oil. It also contains polyphenols – antioxidants that inhibit the occurrence of age diseases;

– Yogurt – a rich source of calcium, which helps to reduce the risk of disease such as osteoporosis. Due to the bacteria contained in the milk, gastrointestinal tract functioning properly;

– The fish also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This statement is supported by research done about thirty years. Then for the first time explores why so Eskimos rarely suffer from heart disease.

The reason turns out to be very frequent consumption of fresh fish – as you know, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent the formation of cholesterol plaque on blood vessels.

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