Food habits of happy people

Food habits of happy people, able not only to improve the overall condition of the body but also greatly enhance the mood. According to experts, among the main habits of happy people is the best start to the day with a healthy breakfast.

Many studies show that people who eat a balanced breakfast, which includes useful body products with better mood, filled with more energy and cope better with everyday tasks. Skipping breakfast has the opposite effect – fatigue and feelings of anxiety take over in the latter part of the day.

Therefore breakfast consisting of whole grains, protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy unsaturated fats is key in maintaining a cheerful mood during the day. For good mood include in your diet foods rich in selenium. This chemical element has the ability to predispose to positive emotions.

Important eating habits

The Habits of Happy People: Acceptance and Self-Care | Shortform Books

A study conducted at the University of Texas suggests that selenium helps to treat depression. It has been proven yet that the intake of foods low in elements lead to depression. Still, scientists have not identified exactly how selenium affects mood.

Meanwhile, you would do well to focus on the following foods: nuts and seeds, white meats, seafood, whole grains, legumes, low-fat dairy products. Better mood is good to limit your caffeine intake. Although caffeinated drinks act refreshing and keep you focused, negative effects of excess caffeine feel the next day.

The possible consequences are depression and anxiety. Food and emotions are linked to a thread. The food is a temptation that can make you forget about your problems for a certain period of time. Perceive food as a resource and motivation to keep you vibrant and happy throughout the day.

Do not forget to go to the outside, even for a short time for lunch. Staying indoors deprives the body of vitamin D. This is one of the probable reasons for our bad moods and depression. Insufficient intake of vitamin D is associated with reduced secretion of the hormone of happiness – serotonin.

To be eating pleasure, we must learn how to do it, and teach their children what the right eating habits, build in them a culture of nutrition to be healthy and be able to accept food as something important and necessary, but in any case the most important or something like that, incidentally.

Explain to them each habits – what is good and how it will help them. If you learn these things from a young age, they will build a culture of nutrition and eating properly will last a lifetime. And you yourself will keep in good shape in this respect.

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