Food for better digestion

Food for better digestion the best friends of man. They are also used in the prevention of heart disease and diseases of the blood vessels.
Dried Cherry contain organic acids, pectic substances, iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, vitamins A, C, PP, vitamins of group B.
If you have digestive problems, avoid fried foods, consume products that are boiled in water or steamed, braised or roasted.
Consume sauces prepared from mild vegetable potions. Avoid too hot and too cold food. Casseroles must be soft.
Use the least amount of salt and spices. Add to soups dried in the dry pan instead of flour roux. Eat greasy fish, rabbit, chicken, turkey, greasy pork and veal.

Food for better digestion

7 Healthy Foods To Improve Digestion - HealthifyMe

Tomatoes eat only raw by watering them with lemon juice, if you do not suffer from increased acidity of the stomach. Bake the fish in foil or provide Steaming. To improve digestion eaten raw or cooked beetroot. It is fasting in sdto grams daily. Eat two apples in the morning on an empty stomach or with beet.

The flesh of the pumpkin, boiled and mixed with honey, promotes good digestion. The juice from the strawberries regulates the liver. You can eat a handful of strawberries instead of juice. Drink water and juice just before meals and after meals. After feeding should take two hours to come time to drink water.

Otherwise dilute gastric juice and this affects digestion. To enjoy always a good digestion, eat regularly so-called superfoods – products that take care of the good work of the systems of your body.

Superfoods for good digestion

The Top 9 Superfoods for a Healthy Digestive System -

Among these superfoods one of the first places hold our favorite pears. They contain coarse fiber, which reflects very well the digestive system.
Ginger is also a superfood for good digestion as it contains essential oils with antiseptic. They destroy microbes that are caught in the mouth by them admitted to the stomach.
You can use fresh ginger root or use ginger powder. Add it to soups, salads and I make tea from it, sweeten it with honey.
Yoghurt normal microflora of the intestine due to it contains bacteria. Therefore it is recommended to eat yogurt frequently, since it prevents the pathological microorganisms to multiply.

Among Superfoods who care for good digestion are plums. They contain many fibers and various kinds of organic acids that contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine. Two plums per day provide a perfect digestion.
Superfoods for good digestion are papaya and pineapple. They contain many valuable organic substances – bromine and proteins.

It is enough to eat each day a slice of fresh pineapple or papaya quarter. This will provide you the perfect digestion.
Bananas are also a superfood for better digestion because they contain natural fructose. They normalize blood cholesterol and regulate digestion. Daily recommended consumption of one banana.

It is not good to eat a lot of bananas, as they contain a lot of calories and is considered one of the sweetest fruits. A perfect combination of good digestion is yogurt with sliced ​​banana.
Olive oil is a superfood for better digestion – it increases the production of gastric juice and neutralize excess acids.

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