Fish and blood pressure

Fish and blood pressure are valuable information for adults and children. Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common health problems in the modern world. And although there are many drugs for lowering blood pressure, they do not work for everyone. More than a third of people who take medication still have high blood pressure. Some experience side effects such as fatigue and dizziness that make them reluctant to take it.

Part of the solution to the problem of high blood pressure is proper diet. And this diet should include fish. You’ve probably heard that ” eating oily fish regularly can lower your blood pressure.” Let’s see why fish is good for the blood:

Omega 3 fatty acids researchers have found that oily fish, such as mackerel, salmon, sardines. Can help protect our heart and brain from disease.

They have been found to be rich in an important type of polyunsaturated fat called omega-3, which has been shown to help lower blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is something we should all strive for. As high blood pressure becomes a serious threat to our health over time.

How fish affect blood pressure

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When blood pressure is constantly high, blood flow through the vessels is strong, turbulent and causes hardening and sometimes damage to the vessel walls. Over time, this means that the heart has to work under pressure. Which dramatically increases the risk of conditions such as heart attack, stroke or heart failure. So we know that healthy, lower blood pressure is better for us. And oily fish can play a role in keeping it low.

Wondering how oily fish works for your blood pressure? Some scientists suggest that fish oil dilates or relaxes blood vessels, which maintains low blood pressure. If you imagine that the hose becomes wider, the water will flow through it smoother and at a lower speed. Although it is a useful piece of the puzzle, how exactly this happens is unclear. A team of scientists is studying whether the small pores in the walls of our blood vessels may be leading in this.

The pores, called potassium channels, are responsible for the passage of small molecules inside and outside cells. Scientists are convinced that fish oil interacts with these channels, which causes them to open, and this action causes dilation of blood vessels. To prove or disprove their theory, the team analyzed the arteries of mice to see how fish oil interacts with potassium channels. What effect this has.

Why fish is good for humans

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Medicines are not a universal remedy and in the same way that our body shapes are unique, our internal structure is also unique. But before the treatment can be personalized, there must be a complete understanding of what happens during the disease process. Research like this helps us build a more detailed picture of high blood pressure.

If potassium channels play an integral role in lowering blood pressure. Fish oil has a positive effect on them, then fish should become part of a healthy diet for people with hypertension. Although we know that fish oils are good for us, this does not mean that we should forget the benefits of a balanced diet in general. Combining oily fish as part of a traditional Mediterranean diet will give your body the best chance of preventing disease.

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