Fast recovery after training

Fast recovery after training, this is the first step towards increasing the ability of muscles to cope with new challenges. This process of healing not only restores the muscle to its original strength and endurance, but increases the maximum values.

Usually fatigue is a temporary condition that resolves in a few hours if the athlete has access to adequate rest, recovery techniques, nutrition, hydration and emotional support.

However, if the workouts are too heavy or are executed before full recovery of the body, fatigue may continue to deteriorate. Do not start any exercise before there is a complete recovery from the previous workout, competition or travel. Here are some practical tips on how to recover faster. Training cause micro-traumas in the muscles and tissues of the body that need to heal.

Set natural balance

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When joints are swollen and tired natural balance and protective reactions muscles are reduced. Your body can not adequately respond to unforeseen situations or be protected with repetitive movements. Set natural balance with several exercises or training simulators and pads for balance. Most gyms in the country have the necessary equipment. Ultimately, the goal is to improve body posture and reduce the chance of injury.
Set “Kernel”
“Kernel” is composed of the lower abdomen, pelvis diaphragm muscles in the lower back. If you experience discomfort in the lower back, hips or abdomen, the “core” may be dysfunctional. Basically it earns in anticipation of any movement. If dysfunctional a significant delay.

Doing exercises to cross, abdomen and thighs helps correct setting of “core” and its work during your next workout. This will greatly help your stability and provide a strong foundation for your legs and your arms

Analysis of training

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After each workout or race is important to analyze all critical points. Make a list of all positive and all negative aspects. Started first on the negative and then positive ones. Do not let the negative aspects can affect you.

Start a diary with notes about what you have practiced today, how has passed training on what you feel the need to emphasize in the next few days or weeks. The only way to improve is to find your weaknesses and work on them.

After or during training sessions / events, give your body a chance to rest. This will give you a chance to restore the physical and mental strength. The most natural way to break such a dream, but it is not always possible. There are many other ways and everyone has their own preference. It is best to combine several techniques to suit individual capabilities and preferences.
– The physical rest may include sauna, walk, massage, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, stretching or sleep.
– Mental rest can include breathing exercises, meditation or autogenous exercises.
– Emotional rest may include listening to music, watching your favorite movie / series or use your favorite drink. Include in your program static and auxiliary stretching exercises so that you can optimize the length of the muscles and tendons. If possible, do these exercises in the pool.
Use the following technique to clean the pores of the body. Repeat more often in warmer days:
– Warm shower (comfortable) for 2 minutes
– A cold shower (as possible) for 10 seconds

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