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Eat real foods and avoid strict diets and the accompanying calorie counting is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, says lead scientist from Imperial College London – Tim Spector.

Professor of genetics is determined to change the way people eat, as has devoted the last 15 years of this goal.

According to him, the secret to health and harmony in the body is winning the microorganisms that are found in our intestines, on our side. Specter explains that counting of sugar, fat and calories at all wrong tactic with which to approach nutrition.

Count your calories for a perfect figure!

21 Reasons to Eat Real Food

Eat as much and whatever you want, just think of your microorganisms, says scientist to British media. – We have about 100 trillion microbes in your body.

Especially in the small and large intestine only thing that can be seen when using a microscope, are precisely those microorganisms. Besides them in our bodies there are many viruses and fungi. All contribute to our health, he added.

Microbes play a key role in digestion of food. They are extremely important for our immune system and provide about a third of vitamins and chemicals in our body. The food that a person eats affects the health of microbes in our body.

We all have a unique set of microbes, which explains why people respond differently to different foods, explains Spector. According to him, there are three rules / View gallery / that one should follow to have a perfect figure without being subjected to painful diets. First you need to eat real food.

One that is not processed because the new technology of processing and applied chemicals slowly but surely killing our internal flora, from which come most of our present problems – obesity, stress, serious diseases.

More fiber

Healthy Is Eating Real Food - Healthy Is Wellness

The second thing you need to do is increase your intake of fiber, which will make our digestive system more dynamic and will help restore intestinal microclimate.

Varied diet

25 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Real Food -

Last but not least, the professor advises to eat diverse.
You do not have to undergo diets. I am against the exclusion of real food.

The average person can eat what he loves – dairy products, small amounts of meat and carbohydrates. The best diet is one that is changing and does not include the same foods every day, he said in conclusion Spectrum.

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