Eat an avocado salad

avocado salad

Eat half an avocado a day

Eat an avocado salad at least once a week. This is the allowed daily dose of the beneficial fruit. If you decide not to comply with this provision, you endanger your weight.

Avocado has become one of the most popular fruits in recent years. Besides being a wonderful addition to any salad, it is also the main ingredient of our favorite Guakamole.

No matter how tasty, however, health experts recommend not to overdo it. The reason is reasonable. The allowed dose is up to half an avocado per day.

Eat half  avocado a day

If you accept more, this will inevitably affect our weight. Avocado contains huge amounts of fat. One fruit contains 22 grams or one third of the recommended daily fat intake. Calories are between 250-280, which is also not the case. Fruit in avocado is useful.

salad avocado

Eat avocado salad at least once a week

It is also packed with a number of other beneficial items such as fiber and vitamins. Exaggeration with this useful food, however, can lead to gain. That’s why scientists have determined the permissible daily dose and that’s half an avocado a day.

While the dose may seem feasible when you decide to make your salad, you will realize that half an avocado is too small. Diets such as guacamole, in most cases, contain more than one avocado.

You may find it inconceivable to eat only half of the delicious fruit, because the other will inevitably crumble and ruin fast. Even so, it’s best to think about your health and weight first.

If you train regularly and hard, a whole avocado will not be a problem for your body. However, if you are a fan of lively life filled with delicacies, it is good to limit your intake to one half.

The reason is simple – they will not be the only fat you eat this day, and the other half will ensure that you exceed the daily intake. The key to health is the balance – do not forget it, even if it is something as healthy as avocados.

Stuffed Avocados Necessary Ingredients


Eat avocado salad to balance the amount of vitamins, vitamins and fiber

    Avocado – 3 – 4 pcs.
Cheese – 150 g
Olives – 10 – 12 pcs. Without pit
Green onion – 1 stalk
Eggs – 1 pc.
Tomatoes – 1 pc.

Stuffed avocado Method of preparation

The avocado is cut into two halves and is carved, but not to the bottom. The carved interior is chopped finely.
In the bowl, mix crushed cheese, sliced ​​olives, chopped onions, and add the inside of avocado. Separately separate the egg and add to the mixture.
Everything is stirred up to homogeneity and filling the carved halves of avocado. A circle of tomatoes is placed on top. It is baked at 220 degrees 15 minutes. Enjoy!

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