Dried fruits alternative to cakes

Dried fruits alternative to cakes because they have valuable nutritional properties are known since ancient times. This is confirmed archaeological finds.

People have long found that sunlight and air are able to extend the life of some plants until the next harvest.

Modern lifestyle makes dried fruit truly invaluable product because they combine favorite of many sweet taste and at the same time are good for health.

Dried fruits are dehydrated to dvadesetprotsentno content fresh fruit. Therefore, the calorific value of dried fruit is very high – 275 calories per one hundred grams.

Dried plums

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In the dried fruit no stabilizers, preservatives, coloring agents, emulsifiers and nitrites. They can be called Dietary Supplements. Naturally, in the drying process of the nutrients are lost.

But valuable micronutrients such as calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium, and also cellulose and pectin are retained in full. Therefore dried berries are a true concentrate of useful substances.

For example, only fifty grams of dried cherries are able to meet your daily needs cobalt, vitamin B6 and magnesium, and a few dried apricots – the need for potassium and iron.

If you eat every day at five prunes, figs, apricots or dates, you can forget the problems with the stomach – plant fibers contained in dried fruits, care for good digestion.

Dried figs

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After ten days, if not interrupt the charging cycle with dried fruit of your body, you will see how your complexion will become more crisp, hair and nails will be strengthened.

This is due to the calcium contained in the dried fruit. Whenever you eat something sweet, eat dried fruit instead of cake. Although quite calorie, dried fruit, unlike cakes, loaded the body with valuable substances.

Before you eat fruits, wash them well and then soak them for a few minutes in cold water – it will be absorbed better by your body. If you want to eat compote of dried fruits, do not cook, just pour hot water and cover with lid.

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