Do you need from dairy products

people need from dairy products

Do you need from dairy products, that’s what science says

Do you need from dairy products, that’s what science says. There has always been controversy about whether people have really need milk and dairy products.

Whatever you speak on the topic at some point everyone decides for itself whether to consume these products or not. But nutrition is based on science, but it has a dissenting opinion, especially in light of recent research on the issue.

Milk is a specific foodstuff. Sugar in it is called lactose, and she in turn contains the enzyme lactase, which allows access to it through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.

While we are babies, we produce large amounts of lactase, which allows us to absorb the milk. In societies where the consumption of milk has been traditionally low, such as Japan and China, most children stop producing lactase almost immediately after they are weaned.

Do people need from milk products

In these countries, much of naselnieto experiencing zatudneniya in absorbing the lactose in milk and develop lactose intolerance.

drinking milk products

Do you need from dairy products and how they affect our health

On the other hand, in populations where consumption of milk has always been high, as Europe, most adults continue to produce lactase throughout their lives and may process milk more than successful.

The old continent only 5% of the population has lactose intolerance. Continuing to produce lactase into adulthood Europeans transmit this property and children, which has become a kind of genetic mutation.

So people in this part of the world can easily processed milk and milk products, which according to scientists gives them orgomno advantage.

Milk is a useful source of protein, energy, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins of group B, and iodine, which means that people with this mutation are generally healthier than those who can not tolerate milk.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance include gas, bloating and diarrhea.

If you do not have some of the aforementioned problems after consuming milk, scientists recommend the regular use of the product and its derivatives makes us stronger and more resistant to various diseases.

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