Avocado kernel can protect you

Avocado kernel can protect you from cancer with its countless benefits, but you will be surprised that every element of this fruit affects positively health, even the size of its kernel.

A new study by a team of scientists at the University of Texas has shown that the most commonly discarded compounds can protect you from cancer, accumulation of fat on blood vessels and heart disease, PhysOrg reported.
Although it was considered to be a waste product, the flake of the kernel is a real treasure for its compounds, says Debashih BandioPadiy, head of the American study.

The 300-kernels of avocados were examined and oil and wax were prepared. 116 helpful compounds of flaxseed oil and 16 of wax were counted in the laboratories.

Among the most important compounds that will preserve your health are heptacose, which prevents the development of tumor diseases, dodecanolic acid that increases the good cholesterol in the blood and docanazole that stimulates immunity.

Leaves from avocado

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The study also proves that daily consumption of avocados will reduce the risk of heart disease and will help you fight excess pounds.

The reason is that avocados are rich in unsaturated fats that keep the feeling of satiety and improve the functioning of the heart and the cardiovascular system.

The fruit is also rich in carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which help to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts and maintain clarity in the focus of vision.

Avocado and Health

Avocados – icon or enemy?

Avocados are recognized for their nutritional richness, which consists of a variety of beneficial components such as carotenoids, monounsaturated fats, potassium, and dietary fiber. These constituents have a connection to the mitigation of chronic disease risks and reinforce the importance of including avocados in a well-rounded, health-promoting diet. When integrated into diets acknowledged for their health advantages, like the Mediterranean and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plans, avocados can enhance overall nutrition. While a significant portion of research regarding the health implications of avocado consumption is sponsored by organizations within the avocado industry, efforts have been made here to reference studies not reliant on industry funding.

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