Do not wash the fruits for health

Do not wash the fruits for health is considered carefully. The reason is that a little bit of sand spins the stomach. A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular.

More and more people spend more than 4 times a week in the gym. They wash their hands with hot water and replace the dessert with thoroughly washed seasonal fruit. Here is the problem.

Water really washes most microbes. However, this may be harmful to the stomach. Scientists are clear that we should not thoroughly wash the fruit.

Strong washing of fruits

Why washing fruits and veggies with water is not enough – Koparo Clean

The reason is that a little bit of sand spins the stomach. Water temperature does not matter because the number of microbes you remove from your hands while washing is the same.

There are a few more hygienic habits that you keep every day and which do not least contribute to your good health. Everyone washes his hands after visiting the toilet, then goes to the electric hand dryer.

This is the biggest mistake you can make. Better to bet on paper napkins. The reason is that hand dryers scatter the microbes throughout the room, which then breathe much easier.

Washing fruits and vegetables well

Should you rinse or wash fresh fruits and vegetables? - Chicago Sun-Times

They also dry the skin of your hands. Soaking the dishes in the sink for hours is another habit you need to get rid of. One of the biggest delusions is that you will thus wash the dishes much easier.

The degree of difficulty does not change. The only thing you do with this is to create the ideal environment for bacteria to live. That’s why it’s healthier to wash the dishes right after eating.

Another healthy myth is that we need to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Scientists are categorical – a little sand in the body is useful. The reason is that people have accepted it for millennia.

It protects the stomach from pathogens, toxins and parasites. Fruits and vegetables in a refrigerator to avoid spoiling – a total misconception.

Thanks to the warm air, they start to ferment slightly, thus cultivating probiotics useful for our organism. That’s why it’s healthier to keep them in the bowl of the table.

Recently, it is increasingly said that fruits should not be consumed late at night because they ferment in our stomach. There is still controversy on this issue, but the truth is that all fruits should be eaten fast, at least 20 minutes before a meal. They should also be consumed on their own, because if you take them along with other foods, they lose their valuable qualities.

You can consume fruits before breakfast or between lunch and dinner, but the idea is that at least 2 hours have elapsed since the end of the lunch and the start of the dinner.

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