Do not eat fruit in the evening

Do not eat fruit in the evening

Do not eat fruit in the evening for several reasons that we will share in this short article

Do not eat fruit in the evening for several reasons that we will share in this short article. A recent study of specialist doctors shows how harmful the consumption of fruit can be in the evening.

However useful they are in general, there is a real danger if they are not consumed by a measure. The fruits are rich in sugar. It is believed that they are one of the main causes of fat in the liver. Fructose or fruit sugar is dangerous in large doses. It is thought to be the sweet poison of our organism.

Why should not we eat fruit in the evening?

It is therefore not advisable to consume the fruits in large quantities, especially in the evening. In our daily menu we have to pay attention to several other factors. Lunch, for example, should not be heavy.

It is good to eat nuts such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, and one fruit – orange or mandarin. Drinking squeezed juice from several fruits is also not recommended.

Glycemic load quickly enters the blood and increases the sugar level in it. Until recently, it was believed that eating more raw fruit or juice led to lower blood pressure.

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It is important to eat fruit in the evening

Today, however, not only is there no direct normality that supports this thesis, but on the contrary – increased consumption of fruit actually increases blood pressure, although change is barely noticeable.

In general, fruits should be eaten before eating to prevent their high sugar content from being distributed in simpler forms of absorption.

It is best to take it 15 to 20 minutes before eating, when the fruit will be ground and you will not have a problem with digestion.

Another problem that may occur when eating berries at bedtime or after one of the main meals is the ability of sugars to ferment and cause gasses.

This in turn can lead to swelling of the stomach. Fruits are good for health, being a great source of antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, fiber, and so on.

They help digestion, they are easy to digest, but while it is good to eat fruits, watch when and how you do it – it is best to eat before eating.

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