Diet sweets reducing weight

Diet sweets reducing weight but is denied by doctors. Every diet and almost every dietician categorically deny sweet. In some exceptional cases, you can afford jam in the diet, but on the other hand you will die of starvation.
In the following rows, we suggest you get to know a diet that will not deprive you of the sweet, while at the same time you will lose the extra pounds.

The pasta diet melts the pounds

Does pasta have a place in a weight-loss diet? - Chicago Sun-Times


– 2 fruits, such as kiwi and pear, mixed with 2 tablespoons yoghurt and 1 tablespoon of sweet muesli. To this temptation you can also add 150 ml of skimmed milk.
– You can mix a big piece of melon with one piece of watermelon. Season with some olive oil, add 1 tbsp. jam of your choice and 150 ml of fresh skim milk.
– Mix 35 grams of muesli with a little skimmed milk, add 80 grams of blueberries and 1 tsp. copper. You can also cut a piece of watermelon on a cubes and sprinkle it with jam at your choice.
– Pass a banana with a pear, add 3 tablespoons. yoghurt, 200 ml of fresh skim milk and 1 tsp. copper.


Weight loss and pasta can go together, researchers suggest

– At noon you should not take more than 350 calories. This can be achieved by eating a salmon and salad sandwich. As a dessert, you can stop at the fruit of your choice or fresh fruit.
– As for the salad, we offer you to cut 4 tomatoes, add 100 g of shelled shrimp, and optionally add 1 tablespoon. mayonnaise.
– As a second option, we offer 30 grams of cheese, 2 balls of boiled rice mixed with yogurt. Again fruit of choice.
– Another option for lunch is boiled potatoes, about 175 grams, a little tuna, corn and a mix of green salad. Again as a dessert fruit of choice, and also can add to this menu a little pudding.


The Best Pasta to Lose Abdominal Fat—Ranked! — Eat This Not That

– For dinner, we offer four menu options, starting with kebab prepared with chicken, onion, red pepper and couscous. Before that you can afford a green salad. For dessert pieces of pineapple on the grill, mixed with 2 tablespoons. yoghurt.
– Brush two chicken breasts with mustard and bake them. As a side dish you can mix 1 potato, broccoli, green beans and 1 roasted tomato. In addition, you can afford 1 slice of toasted bread, and for dessert blueberries or mangoes. For cheese adherents, we must state that it is not forbidden but must be skimmed.
– Prepare 150 g of salmon steak served on a salad dressing, 1 potato and green beans. For dessert you can dine a pancake with jam of choice, chopped kiwi and yoghurt.
– Another option is a lamb steak, garnished with 150 grams of mashed potatoes, boiled carrots, peas, 2 steamed prunes and skimmed cheese. For dessert muesli.

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