Diet rich in cellulose

Diet rich in cellulose

Scrub your body with a diet rich in fiber!

Scrub your body with a diet rich in cellulose! This diet is rich in cellulose and save rid of excess weight goals and completely clear the body of harmful substances accumulated in it after the inevitable consumption of harmful foods. The diet products with a high content of cellulose and a very low fat content.

World experts are adamant that cellulose is yet to start playing on a larger scale an important role in the diets. Studies have shown that the minimum daily intake of the substance must be at least thirty grams. Cellulose belongs to the group of fibers, to which belong in addition to it, and pectin, legnin, gelatin and mucous substances. Since it was built the main part of plant cells.

Crop generally comprise in the range of from 50 to 80 percent cellulose, in its composition more than half the amount of carbon in the biosphere. The main source of cellulose in this type of diet should be pasta, brown bread, beans, baked potatoes, lentils, corn, fresh and dried fruits and fresh vegetables.

Daily intake for women should not exceed 1200 kilocalories, and for men to no more than 1,500 calories. Daily menu item must become cornflakes, nuts and dried fruit, which will provide the body with 200 calories and 15 g of fiber. Eat breakfast cereal, nuts and dried fruits mixed with 140 grams of low-fat milk and an orange. Lunch you must be composed of omelette of watercress and fresh herbs 120 grams peas, 250 g of peach compote with low sugar content. For dinner, eat 300 grams lentil soup, two slices of toasted bread, apple or pear.

Foods rich in cellulose

Diet rich in fiber and very low in fat, which enters into the construction of the plant cell walls

The diet lasts two weeks. The expected result of it is to download between 6 and 11 kg. Moreover guaranteed your body will be purified after its end. Remember during this time to drink more water, so that the process of detoxification is complete. The recommended intake is at least two liters a day.

Foods rich in cellulose

Cellulose and pectin are neither energy nor building materials to the human body. But they have other advantages that are far from negligible. Cellulose is not degraded by digestive enzymes of man, but some intestinal bacteria produce an enzyme – cellulase that digest cellulose into soluble substances processing is partially in the lower sections of the digestive tract. The main function of the cellulose is stimulation of intestinal motility.

Cellulose has less impact on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism compared to pectins, but affects motor function of the stomach and intestines. Thus, it first helps to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, while the other – to normalize impaired glucose tolerance in people with diabetes. Day should consume at least 30 g of fiber.

The main source of cellulose to be pasta and bread type of flour, beans, baked potatoes, lentils, corn, vegetables, salad and also fresh and dried fruits. Broccoli, peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, lettuce – these are just some of the treasures of vegetables, guaranteeing small amounts of calories and essential source of cellulose.

Most dietary fiber contained in boiled wheat (40-50g per 100g wheat), rye bread (6-8g per 100 g of bread), whole-grain wheat bread (6-7g per 100g product), raspberries (4-8g per 100g fruit), blackcurrant (4d 100g of fruit), peanuts (9-11 g per 100 g of fruit). It is believed that women and the elderly consume more dietary fiber than men and young people. Note that as it is useful for the human body, fiber also has its side effects when “overdose”.

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