Diet Japanese Miracle

Diet Japanese miracle is drastic but efficient. A Japanese wonder is a diet that lasts for just two weeks. There are a few rules that need to be followed before you start performing the diet.
Coffee can be replaced with tea, but it is mandatory to be sugar-free. In addition, no alcohol, as well as salt, should be consumed during the diet.

During the first seven days of the diet you will lose 5 to 7 kg.
The next seven days the diet is repeated, then you will lose weight about half a pound a day.
Of course, your weight loss depends on your body, your age, and your metabolism.
If you do not feel well, stop it as it is pretty drastic.

It’s nice to do the diet strictly, but if you get hungry between meals, you can eat some vegetable or fruit.
For breakfast during the two weeks you drink only a cup of pure bitter coffee, if you prefer you can replace it with tea.

Only on the second and ninth day of the diet to the coffee or tea add one dry snack. It is good to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
Do not repeat the diet in the next half year. Once finished, start eating moderately – do not fry on fried or baked products. Eat healthy.

7-day diet menu according to the Japanese diet

7-Day Japanese Meal Plan For Weight Loss - Superhumn

On the first day, at lunch, eat two eggs – hard boiled, and for dinner, make a salad with lemon juice and a little olive oil like a side dish of a piece of roast meat.
On the second day – at lunchtime, you have two hard-boiled eggs again. Dinner is a salad, a glass of yogurt and a piece of ham.

On the third day – for lunch, eat fruit or vegetables at your choice. At dinner the third day eat two eggs – hard boiled.
On the fourth day – for lunch, have two boiled eggs and one cup of carrot juice. Dinner be again with two boiled eggs, add a little salad, and a piece of ham.
On the fifth day – for lunch, eat baked fish, and add a tomato as a side dish. Dinner is omitted.
On the sixth day – for lunch, eat two pieces of chicken, best roasted. Dinner to be of your well-known two hard boiled eggs and one carrot.
On the seventh day – lunch is with a piece of roasted meat and fruit of choice. For dinner, eat something to your liking.

The Japanese diet is renowned for its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, balanced meals, and portion control. It typically includes a variety of foods rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats, with a focus on rice, noodles, fish, tofu, seaweed, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables, alongside moderate amounts of lean meats.

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