Dangerous Foods for Consumption

Dangerous Foods for Consumption but we like to taste delicious. Gourmet suggestions are something for which we are willing to give a small sum in an expensive restaurant. But before you take a romantic dinner to someone you love, it’s a good idea to find out which foods the food experts will never taste.

The list was made by lawyer and specialist Bill Marller, who over the last two decades has earned over $ 600 million for his clients who have been the victims of food poisoning. He dearly shares what those foods that neither nutrition experts nor he, nor you need to try.

Raw oysters are considered aphrodisiac and delicacy. But this was so before Global Warming and the change it causes to ecosystems. The warming waters of the world’s ocean are an excellent environment for the development of a growing microbial population that is postponed … just like in oysters, mussels and all other shellfish delicacies.

Sliced ​​and washed fruits and vegetables

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Service commitments and a short lunch break make more and more people reach for the pre-washed and cut fruits and vegetables that are available in outdoor trolleys, parks, supermarkets, and more. But by buying such fruits and vegetables, you do not serve health, but you put it at risk, and it is not so small.

The number of people who have been affected by your food is unknown, and the chance that one of them will have some unpleasant bacteria – enormous.

Modern salad with sprouts has already found a place on your table, but are you aware of the risks they can bear. Statistics show that germ infestations have become more and more common in the past 2 decades. Bacterial outbreaks found in otherwise delicious and useful sprouts are usually e-car or salmonella type, so we recommend that you next bet on a classic Shopa salad.

Different culinary formats often show how people are happy to eat meat, which is literally sealed only at the edges, and in the middle is harsh. Unfortunately, however, for those who prefer the stack back, if you keep your health, you should not try anything harder than a well-prepared stack or medium-well.

Nutritional experts are certain that at less than 71 degrees Celsius bacteria that cause salmonella or e-coli infections do not die and this poses a serious health risk. Raw eggs. Here, it is important to note that the risk of Salmonella contamination is now a few times lower than years ago when consumption of raw eggs has been the basis of several salmonella epidemics but still exists. So do not compromise your health by eating raw eggs.

Unpasteurized milk and juices

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Even if you are a supporter of raw food, you think that pasteurization kills its nutritional value, do not impose its philosophy on others, listen to the scientific arguments in the opposite thesis. It is important to note that the pasteurization process not only does not reduce the nutritional value of milk or juices, but also destroys harmful bacteria that could harm the health of consumers. And while pasteurization is not dangerous, raw drinks can be very dangerous to your health because they are at risk of getting parasites, different viruses or bacterial infections.

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