Chinese medicine health and longevity

Chinese medicine for health

Chinese medicine health and longevity tips on nutrition, conservation and maintaining internal balance despite changing conditions

According to Chinese medicine health and longevity depends on the maintenance of a balance between yin and yang energies. It is important person to adhere to regular life, avoid heavy meal and drink.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes several tips for lasting and fulfilling life that are still relevant today. This is because we made a cult of pleasure and consumption and daily life has become a constant pursuit of money, fame and prestige, which in turn leads to constant stress.

Keep your health is being constantly maintain our inner balance, both physically and emotionally, despite constantly changing external conditions – this understanding forms the basis of Chinese medicine.

Useful advice from Chinese medicine

According to ancient Chinese healers to be a man long-lived, it must not misuse your body and protects most of the diseases. In other words, our health depends entirely on ourselves. Prolonged immobilization furniture and damaged muscles. Excessive walking even injure tendons and joints, prolonged load eye damages the blood.

These ancient Chinese texts are already proven by modern Western science. The same applies to the food. According to Chinese medicine properly is to eat less. Otherwise, man consumes to digest too much energy and it exhausts his body, and hence makes it susceptible to diseases.

Chinese medicine for longevity

Chinese medicine health and longevity depends on the maintenance of a balance between yin and yang energies

Western doctors also fail to reach this conclusion, namely that overdoing food is unhealthy. The point here is not simply to reduce the amount of food, but to pay attention to quality. Chinese medicine advises to eat less meat because it is harder to digest, to emphasize vegetarian dishes in particular cereals because they are not neutral.

By nature, fruits, vegetables and meat are cold, cool, warm or hot. Therefore, when a large consumption they can disrupt the balance of yin and yang energies and thus make us ill. Interestingly, we should not presume even with herbs because they are either hot or cold, and should only be used as drugs to redress the balance.

According to the ancient most diseases are caused by cold, therefore the food we eat must be warm. Food temperature to exceed our body. If the temperature is lower, the energy of the body will go to increase the temperature in the stomach, to enable food to be absorbed and processed.

The cold can lead us to problems with the stomach and intestines. It is better to avoid and foods that are cold in nature. The Chinese counted herbal and green tea cold in nature, whether it consume warm or hot.


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