Sweet caramel candy

sweet caramel candy

Making sweet caramel candy for the upcoming holidays

Do you remember sweet caramel candy “Lacta”? I liked them, though I loved Caramel Mu. Today I suggest something like a taste. Dairy caramel, tender and sweet.

Well, I’ve enriched chocolates, but it’s more like giving them a little shine.

I have made them like eggs for the upcoming Easter celebrations. Enjoy!

Products for about 40 candy

400ml of milk liquid cream

200g of sugar

candy caramel

Classic recipe for caramel candy and pictures of these delicious sweet things

1 vanilla

2 tsp. instant coffee

4 tablespoons powdered sugar

mold spreading oil


Taste 100 g of white and black chocolate

Preparation on sweet caramel candy

* Boil cream, sugar and vanilla on low heat until you get light caramel. A little more detailed explanation: I boiled the mixture for about 15 minutes. My stove is 9-step, I boiled in 5th grade. It is best to use a non-stick pan. Its area is large and the mixture does not stick.

Initially, the bubbles on the surface of the cream are small, but the caramelization gradually becomes larger. The mixture thickens, produces caramel color and separates easily from the walls and bottom of the pan.

This shows it is ready. Then add the coffee and powdered sugar. Boil for a few more minutes.

* Lubricate a small tray of oil and pour the caramel mixture inside. Smooth with a spoon.

Sweet candy caramel

The photos you see are half the dose of the recipe

* While the caramel is still warm, make candies like small Easter eggs. Fuse them in both chocolate types and let them bake on baking paper.

* If you want them make chocolate stripes – on white candy black and vice versa.

The candy resembles the old “Lacta” more before adding the powdered sugar to the mixture. Once you put it, they become loose and very fragile.

Judge yourself how you will love it more. If you want a more chewy candy do not add sugar powder at the end of cooking.

Instant coffee can be dissolved in advance if you do not want to have granules of it or do not put it at all if you do not like its taste.

Be sure to use milk cream.

The photos you see are half the dose of the recipe. Happy Holidays!

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