Cake with apples caramel and vanilla

Cake with apples caramel and vanilla, I hope you like it. The recipe includes one of my favorite flavor combinations – walnut base, crispy layer of cornflakes, caramel cream with apples, vanilla mousse and fresh apple jelly.

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Caramel Apple Cake - Teak & Thyme

35g brown sugar, 1 small egg (40g), 60g ground walnuts, 50g melted butter, 2 white beans (60g), 20g brown sugar, 25g flour, 2g baking powder. The oven is heated to 180 ° C. The bottom of a round circle ring for a 25 cm cake is covered with baking paper. Brown sugar, egg, milled walnuts and melted butter are shaken for 2 minutes with a mixer. The proteins are broken into snow with the second amount of sugar and added to the egg-walnut mixture with a spatula. Flour and baking powder are sieved on top and stirred gently.

The mixture is poured into the ring and smoothed evenly. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until the surface is golden and springs to the touch. It is important that the bake does not overheat as it will become dry and hard.

Walnut paste

Caramel Apple Cake - Liv for Cake

100g of sugar, 100g of raw nuts. Walnuts are baked at 180 ° C for about 20-30 minutes or until they become crisp and aromatic. Cool for 5-10 minutes. Sugar is caramelized in a saucepan or pan and when it reaches an amber color, the still warm walnuts are poured. Mix well to pick up the caramel and pour on a silicone mat or baking paper. Allow to cool completely. Caramelized walnuts are broken, placed in a kitchen robot and ground. At first, the kernels look dry, but with long grinding, they release their natural oils and produce a fine paste. The walnut paste is stored in a jar in the refrigerator. Crispy layer with cornflakes:

100g of walnut paste, 80g of melted milk chocolate, 20g of melted cocoa butter (coconut or, eventually, vegetable in case of lack), 60g of crushed cornflakes. All products combine to produce a wet, relatively dense mixture that is evenly distributed over the cooled walnut marsh.

Caramel Cream

Salted Caramel Apple Cake Recipe - Sugar & Sparrow

25g of gelatinous mass, 200g of cream, the seeds of 1 vanilla pod, 120g of sugar, 15g of glucose, 40g of water, 50g of cream, 3 yolks (60g), 350g of chopped green apples, 25g of oil. The larger amount of cream is heated on the hot plate along with the vanilla pod. Sugar, glucose and water are put in a saucepan and heated to a high heat until caramelization. It is important not to stir the mixture as it will crystallize. Instead, you can shake the pot for a variety of heat distribution. When caramel becomes dark, amber, add the hot cream to pieces. You should be very careful here because the mixture will be extremely hot. It is also important that the pan with caramel be high so that it does not overflow. The jars and the second amount of cream are mixed and some of the hot caramel is added to them. Everything returns to the hot plate and cooks up to 85C or before the mixture boils. The mixture is removed from the hob and the gelatin mass is added to it. Stir well and then strain through the strainer. Cooling. The green apples are choked in the butter next to the “al dente”. It is important to keep some of their crunchiness and not become puree. The apples and caramels are mixed and placed in the tortilla ring on the crunchy layer. He gets back in the refrigerator while he sits down.

Vanilus mousse

150g of cream, 150g of sour cream, 200g of mascarpone, the seeds of 3 vanilla pods, 90g of brown sugar, 60g of yolk, 30g of gelatinous table. The two types of cream, mascarpone and vanilla seeds are broken down to a fluffy cream. The yolks and brown sugar are heated in a water bath and stirred until the sugar melts and the temperature reaches 45-50 ° C. The bowl is removed from the water bath and the mixture is broken down to whiteness and cooling. Meanwhile, the gelatinous mass is melted in the microwave for a few seconds and added to the mixture. The shredded cream is added with a spatula to the yolks and mixed gently. The thus prepared mousse is distributed on the caramel layer and smooths smoothly. The cake is kept in the refrigerator to tighten.

Apple jelly

Caramel Apple Cake Recipe

250g apple juice, 45g gelatin mass, golden pollen at will. Gelatin mass melts and adds to apple juice. If desired, put some golden pollen or confectionary paint. Pour over the tanned vanilla mousse. The cake comes in the refrigerator to tighten in a few hours. The gelatin mass is hydrated gelatin in a ratio of 1: 6, that is, 10 g of gelatin powder mixed with 60 g of cold water and allowed to swell. From this table the quantity is taken and used for the recipe. The whole recipe will require 100g of gelatin or 15g of gelatin mixed with 90g of cold water, but you can always cook larger quantities and store in the refrigerator for up to a week.

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