Caffeine burns calories

Caffeine burns calories and really works! Caffeine burns calories and leads to weight loss – however unbelievable this myth sounds, it turns out to be true. One of the most popular beverages, coffee and black tea really helps to counter the most serious problem in the modern world – obesity.

Caffeine intake increases the release of the hormone oxytocin in the cerebrum. It regulates appetite and stimulates metabolism. This facilitates the burning of extra pounds. One of the most popular sources of caffeine these days is coffee and black tea. In addition, caffeine is also present in the fruit of guarana.

The daily dose is about 200-250 ml, but for each one it is individual and depends mostly on blood pressure levels. The question whether morning coffee affects the processes of weight loss, has excited scientists, nutritionists and ordinary people for years.

Caffeine balances metabolism and reduces weight

Coffee For Weight Loss: Should You Try It? - Blend of Bites

To determine whether there is a correlation between weight loss and caffeine, Chinese scientists from Huazhong University of Science and Technology have conducted laboratory mouse tests. The results unambiguously showed that caffeine suppresses appetite and stimulates activity.

Small animals were stimulated to run more, thereby logically burning more calories. In humans, caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the hypothalamus. Adenosine regulates sleep and energy balance. During the studies, caffeine intake led to the production of oxytocin, which in humans reduces obesity.

Experts, however, have experimented with extremely high doses of 60 mg / kg. This is equivalent to 30-40 cups of coffee a day for people, which is unacceptable. The recommended daily rate is about 200 mg.

However, the study has its own benefits. It can be the first step towards creating a caffeine medication that helps us fight the extra pounds. It will increase daily energy expenditure and save us from the hateful grease.

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