Black lentil beautiful and super useful

Black lentil beautiful and super useful, interesting representative of beans. However, it is named after the most expensive fish eggs because of its exquisite appearance. For vegetarians, it is a magic of tastes. Unlike the other types of lentil, it retains its delicate shape even during and after cooking, which again makes it very similar to the vision of the caviar.

It is precisely this property that makes it very suitable for sophisticated salads and attractive starters. Like all the lentils, this one is boiled quickly without the need for pre-soaking, making it a savior for unexpected guests. Lentils originate from Central Asia and have been traditional food since time immemorial.

It is a favorite food for many peoples. For example, in India, the Beluga lentil is like the barbecue in America – something they can not do without! In 2014, the black lentil occupies the top spot in top chefs. This is because, besides very useful, she is also extremely beautiful. The Beluga lentil is rich in fiber and protein.

There are 2 times more iron than other legumes. Very suitable for pregnant women, children and adolescents, for whom iron is very necessary. The black lentil is still not so popular in Bulgaria, but the trend is changing – to meet in more and more kitchens.

I have not touched here two of my favorite themes for a long time, so I thought it was time to be remembered. Soaking beans. One of the most important rules for proper consumption of legumes and nuts, as I’m sure you know very well, is being soaked. Today I will not explain in detail about phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors and lectin. I wrote a lot about this topic. Today I will only tell you that these foods (legumes and nuts) are:

Hard to digest not soaked

How To Cook Black Lentils -

– obstruct the absorption of valuable substances not only to themselves but also to everything we eat with them;le
– and last but not least – they injure the lining of the intestine, causing permeable intestines and food intolerances.
On the other hand, beans are their Bulgarian super food and it is good to be present in the menu because they are mega rich in minerals and fiber.

Two categories of valuable substances that we lack very much. In fact, just a black lentil is one of my favorite ways to add fiber to my clients with constipation. So, in my opinion, beans are a nice part of our menu, especially as europians. Obliquely soaked to get rid of them.

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